Left 4 Dead 2 expert solos all 55 maps in expert with no bots


By on July 23, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Holy cow, you guys. You think you’re pretty good at Left 4 Dead 2, but this mysterious player is incredible. After years of practice, they’ve managed to solo every single map, on expert, with no bots. The video below offers a brief synopsis of the whole project, but if have time to spend goggling in amazement, you can watch the entire playlist. It will teach you a thing or six, no question.

Source: Blue’s News

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impressive… who needs team mates ?


I watched one and expected it just to be another glitch exploit fest like most tend to be, but from what I saw this guy did everything right by the book, he even didn’t take shortcuts. Pretty impressive! Also very lucky. I imagine he had to do a some a few times over for the appropriate footage.

Also these videos are uncensored, quick call the Australian police! This horrid mutilation of ‘people’ are affecting my psyche!


Meh heh heh heh ;)


So how did he solo The Sacrifice..?


I nominate Titsonabull to be our global response plan for the zombie apocalypse. I’m certain he can handle the responsibility.



That’s ok, you don’t have to warn us of that before you post. I’m sure we figured it out.


I remember doing this in l4d 1 I didn’t carry on much with it because I usually get bored of games, I called it the gauntlet it really teaches you how to play well.



This guy’s up there with those level 100 virgins that fly around in their jets cutting down us poor married infantry troopers during intense BF3 sessions!


Yeah, how dare some guy practice something he enjoys until he gets really good at it! He should aim for mediocrity just like everybody else!



I find it weird that the gaming community targets its own tall poppies like that.


impressive… who needs team mates ?

Nothing has made me rage more in a game than the L4D AI. Just god awful.


Let us see how far he makes it with bots turned on, aye…



I’ve found it weird whenever any community cuts down somebody just because they do something exceedingly well. It just seems immature.



An old primal instinct to reduce the competition?

I wouldn’t have thought the comments would have been vitriol. Where is the support of our gaming brethren?


Just having a bit ‘o’ fun guys, don’t read too much into it!
I thought you folk had better senses of humour around here? ^^

Remember multiplayer gaming is as much about skill as it is about messing with your opponents minds! ;)

But yeah, respect to the bloke for soloing L4D2! Pulling off this feat does require great skill no matter how much time you spend playing. My body parts would be all over the place if I attempted that…well maybe not any body parts at all with our censored version…



It’s all good, most of my comments were largely tongue-in-cheek too. Personally I like to watch these videos showing something everybody else proclaims as impossible or at the very least incredibly difficult, and think “there was a lot of effort put into that, well done chum!” I usually like watching things like speedrun videos for example, or sometimes even the tool assisted clips. (yeah TAS videos may be technically cheating, but a lot of research goes into those things and they still look great!)

Anyhow haven’t watched these clips yet. Just the trailer up the top there.


Good to see vcat! :D

I do agree that it was uncalled for to compare him to the level 100 BF3 virgins.
What this guy did does require lots of skill and I bet pretty much all folk will never be able to pull off what he’s done!
Whereas BF3 level 100 virgin status just requires time more than anything! I’m virgin level 53 with ‘wife and kids’ handicap and still going strong!
One day I shall don my level 100 shirt and strut around scaring all the ladies…although, all that Chivalry head smashing isn’t helping my status one bit atm…but it’s just too much fun! 8D


Lots of exploits.

*Abusing Tank AI/pathfinding
*Abusing AI director only spawning a fixed number of specials at once he doesn’t kill jockeys and spitters when he sits in his cheese spot(s))
*Abusing AI director spawning zombies in waves, once he runs past a wave, a good chunk of the level remains relatively free from zombies until the older ones despawn.

Still really impressive to put that all together to finish it though.

Bane Williams


Sure, they’re exploits, but they are considered ‘lite’ exploits, or ones that every ‘good’ player uses to their advantage.

See: Quickscoping in CoD
See: dodging in and out of AI engagement range in RTS games (WC3, SC)

EDIT: I don’t like people that abuse this kind of stuff, and both of them contribute to why I don’t like the professional scene of either game.


The Rushing is fine, but how he does the finale’s is not. Would have been impressed if he did this on l4d1. And if he used more “appropriate” finale spots, not ones that are cop outs or exploits such as, dead air spot causing infected to catch fire but not him, blood harvest barn roof corner where no enemy can reach him, death toll running back to the saferoom (good luck without adrenaline), no mercy hiding on a roof in the corner of the map.

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