GOG.com pleased by consumer backlash on Xbox One DRM policies

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By on July 11, 2013 at 2:15 pm

In a recent interview with games.on.net, GOG.com head of marketing and PR Trevor Longino expressed his company’s hope that the consumer backlash against Xbox One’s online DRM policies showed customers were becoming more aware of how restrictive DRM can be.

“We were surprised to see a console-maker pushing a harsher DRM platform,” said Longino. “But we were gratified to see the reaction of the gaming community was strong enough that Microsoft actually felt they had to walk that back a little bit.”

“Gamers are increasingly becoming educated on what DRM is and how it can affect them negatively. It sounds crazy, but if GOG ever reached a point where DRM-free wasn’t a selling point because all the games were, we’d actually be happy. It would make our job tougher, it would make my job tougher, but that’s what we want gaming to be.”

“So when we see gamers understand what DRM means and realise, ‘Hey, I don’t want anything that’s that restrictive on something I’m paying money to enjoy the content from,’ it’s gratifying to us to see that this is a topic that’s in conversations, this is a topic that people are aware of.”

Longino added that the current controversy over the DRM helped them to push their own NoDRM sales.

“It did dovetail nicely into our NoDRM Summer Sale that we had — as everyone was talking about no DRM and DRM being difficult — the fact that we were like, ‘Hey, we don’t have DRM. And we have a lot of games on sale!’ It worked out nicely for us.”

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I would be interested to see how the DRM issue affects sales with Xbox vs Playstation given that Sony has been open about their console not being as heavily weighed down by ‘always online’ factors. That’s not to say that you won’t have to be online to make the most of their features and, well hey consoles are effectively ‘hardware DRM’ in the first place. Think of Steam, Origin or Uplay as being software consoles and which of those platforms lets you play while you’re offline on your PC.


“Get ‘em locked in first, then they’ll just have to live with any changes DRM and advertising wise,.”
This is the only thing Microsoft have learned from this entire debacle.


“Get ‘em locked in first, then they’ll just have to live with any changes DRM and advertising wise,.”
This is the only thing Microsoft have learned from this entire debacle.

As it stands the only time MS catch people who flash their consoles is when an update comes out.

When you can potentially catch them daily then that’s a whole other level. They seem to think the extra games sales from pirates buying things will more than make up for it.

It’s a risky business move but they have access to far more piracy data than we do, so who knows whether the negative PR was worth it at the benefit of no piracy.


Hopefully the Xbone was the ground from which the dumb masses bounced back.


Hopefully the Xbone was the ground from which the dumb masses bounced back.


It was heartening to see people actually finally realise what companies are trying to do with electronic products, and vigorously reject it.

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