Global PC shipments drop again this quarter, tablets to blame

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By on July 11, 2013 at 10:14 am

Major hardware manufacturers like HP, Dell, ASUS and Acer are reporting a second consecutive quarter of falling shipments, according to figures gathered by the Gartner research group.

Global PC shipments have now dropped another 10.9% on top of the 13% decline reported in April this year.

The decline in shipments was global and not limited to any one region or operating system; both Windows and Apple hardware shipments are down. The growth of the tablet market is largely to blame, says Gartner.

“In emerging markets, inexpensive tablets have become the first computing device for many people, who at best are deferring the purchase of a PC,” said Gartner group analyst Mikako Kitagawa. “This is also accounting for the collapse of the mini notebook market.”

Get a full manufacturer-by-manufacturer breakdown over here.

Source: VentureBeat

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Makes sense. You can’t lug your PC around with you.


We aren’t to be worried though, its not as if a Tablet has enough power to render, light bake, compile and host networks.. All that I can see happening is a return to the good old days where the PC was only used by a few people that could afford it.

If the Tablet PC were to replace the PC market entirely, you’d expect that by then the Tablet would have pretty much become a PC anyway in the same way the consoles have.

I’m not worried, they were still going to make Angry Birds for PCs regardless so whats the worst that could happen, the worst already happened, it was called Zynga.


They should be blaming themselves, Asus specially are notorious, they dont honor their warrentys, ant hewy always accuse you of being at fault when your not. I lost $2000+ this year because Asus refused to honor warrentys on my gear. So when they cry poor, its their fault not some stupid complaint of “tablets took our buisness”…. no YOU shat on your customers.


Haha… I guess we’re not counted in those stats anyway. We all build our own PCs from parts… don’t we?


Sounds about right. The Mini-Notebook is a poor mans Notebook and not really any better than an ARM powered Tablet. Personally I’m skipping tablets until they get gesture recognition instead of smear screens. Can’t stand touch screens as I like a nice clear and usable screen, even my Galaxy is annoying to use in that respect.

Intel have also done their bit in increasing the exclusivity of PC’s due to their moronic pricing. At the end of the day the number of variables involved in this is staggering, but obvious.


Doesn’t help that pretty much every PC made within the last decade is capable of doing almost everything everyone wants. (Facebook, Youtube, Email, Office etc’.)
Making the need to upgrade a pointless affair for many.

It’s only gamers, enthusiasts and power users who upgrade more often, but even in the case of gaming a several year old PC can handle pretty much every game at 720/1080P easily enough.


but even in the case of gaming a several year old PC can handle pretty much every game at 720/1080P easily enough.

That’s what my initial thought was rather than blaming tablets, since the industry is – unfortunately – catering to 8 year old console hardware in development; the need or necessity to upgrade to the next best greatest thing isn’t as required as it was around about the early 2000′s.


Market saturation was my first thought as well. No great need to upgrade means no new sales.


There has been no real world speed increase in a CPU for years. The only noticeable difference is that the newer CPUs use less power. There was a time when regular CPU speed increases drove people to upgrade their computer.

Mobile computing is now trending and research money is being diverted to the mobile market.


All that I can see happening is a return to the good old days where the PC was only used by a few people that could afford it.

That’s a really interesting theory there. I’ll be happy part of the neo-nerd demographic.


Those companies are talking about laptop sales, i would bet my money on custom built PC’s have been and will continue to rise.


I wonder how much people underestimate the PC market because of stats like these.

blog by chris roberts on the death of pc gaming, and how its been over reported, namely 81% of star citizen backers built their own PC.

It is heading towards a reduced desktop count but I think the numbers will still be higher than many people estimate.


We really don’t have a need to upgrade our PC’s at the moment.
We get more life out quad-core+ processors compared to older generation processors and even the need for uber gfx setups have settled somewhat so there’s no need to upgrade every 12 months. My i7-920 is still going strong with a nice overclock!

Same for the corporate areas. Newer hardware lasts a lot longer now so there’s no need for constant updating of hardware platforms and we can happily cascade PC’s down that are still more than adequate for what most users require.

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