needs your help to test our unmetered Xbox LIVE downloads solution

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By on July 24, 2013 at 12:02 pm has always provided PC users with great, quota-free gaming support, whether it’s from our file library, on our servers, or just our news and reviews. But for a long time Xbox LIVE players have been asking us to help them out with the cost of their downloads — something that, due to technical constraints, has been impossible.

Impossible… until now.

iiNet and Internode engineers have been working away hard in our patented Mad Science Laboratories to come up with a solution that all users of this great group of ISPs can enjoy. And they need your help to test it.

Opting into the testing program is as simple as changing the DNS settings in your Xbox 360. Head to:

Settings > System > Network Settings > Configure Network > Basic Settings > DNS Settings

Change this to ‘Manual’ and enter as your Primary DNS. Your Xbox will now use our CDN to download everything from Jump onto some Xbox LIVE gaming or download some Games on Demand to give it a try.

If you have any questions or need any help, post on our forums and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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Well done guys!


I don’t use my xbox much at all. But its really good being able to provide this quota free service. In the end all these “freebies” will get more customers onto your network.


Now get to work on the PSN! :D (Don’t believe it’s doable though?)


psn plz!



It’s one thing I missed the most when I moved on over to Node from Westnet.


Bravo, I’ll give it a shot this afternoon (running out of downloads this month so this is well timed!)


If I rent a movie from the Xbox Video Store will it be classed as an unmetered download?


Ontop of the question above for the video store would this also cover the Foxtel on Xbox and possibly the catchup TV offering?

In other words how far does this unmetering go is it just limited to games and related downloads or does is include all or most other things too?



I am guessing it will apply to anything being downladed/streamed from with in Australia.



I am guessing it will apply to anything being downladed/streamed from with in Australia.

Lets hope so.


The content only covers what you can grab from – so no foxtel – no p2p gaming traffic.. but lots of big game downloads / game trailers etc etc.

As per Heidi over here:


Looks like it’s working so far. Decided to download Ass. Creed II since it’s “Free with Gold”, hopefully the whole 5.6GB gets unmetered. Xbox really needs a pause download feature.

EDIT: Looks like it was a success, waited about an hour after the download had completed and nothing outrageous has been added to my usage. Downloaded ~13.2GB according to my router, with only ~1.7GB metered. Awesome.
Now I can get those “free” games I’m entitled to. :D
Thank you so much guys.


That is fantastic, great work team!


PIrateEggs .. this is exactly the kind of feedback we need. Can anyone else give a large game download a shot and let us know how you go?


This is excellent! I personally would benefit from Foxtel being unmetered more so than downloads. Still a great step none-the-less :)

PanterA … Forever Stronger Than All


Great move. We have two xbox’s and the last few months we have been hitting our 60gig limit plan before the months end for sometime. Anything that can help in this regard would be great.

I’m glad that steam games are sometimes not counted towards quota. I purchased a number of cheap games from steam for their summer sale. From what I can tell only about 50 percent of the games downloaded were quota free.

With the Xbox One coming up and being much more online content driven and this move to make xbox content quota free is great. Will change the ip address in both xbox’s soon.


So far so good. Downloading a 3 GB demo and unmetered is working. Good stuff so far. Now, would be good if internode could do foxtel and Xbox videos etc.


Downloaded a demo, all unmetered and good from my end.


So far so good, got Ass Creed II downloaded half of it none of it counting towards my quota, pity I cant seem to hit XBL today >_>

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