Fez shifts 105,000 copies in Steam sale, creator says “Even I can’t find a way to complain about it”


By on July 16, 2013 at 9:03 am

Polytron’s Phil Fish has expressed his bewilderment and excitement at his creation Fez selling over 100,000 copies in just two days on Steam.

“We sold more copies in the first 24 hours of the sale than we had on Steam in the first 3 months since release!” said Fish happily. “And over the course of the full 48 hours, we sold more than we had in our first month on XBLA. It’s been fuckin’ NUTSO.”

To get a better idea of how a Steam sale affects a developer, check out Fish’s sales graph here.

Joystiq asked Fish whether he was okay with the fact that all these sales happened when the game was at half-price.

“Yeah I’m a fan!” he said. “Even I can’t find a way to complain about it.”

Source: Joystiq

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That’s pretty impressive really.


That’s alot of spreadsheets…


Even at half price 100,000 sales would bring in more then the full price 10,000 spike. It’s why these guys are happy. Also making a game and not being able to move it would be disheartening. Even if they had the games price halved I don’t think it would generate sales without the word sale next to it. There’s power in sales.


Take note EA.


Take note EA.

EA Already do sales? They just don’t do sales in such a way that people think “I won’t buy this game, as I know it’ll be a tiny fraction of this price at the next Steam sale which we know is coming around this time”, which is what Steam does.



Even further to that, some EA games have been 75% off in the Steam sale, so again. what exactly is EA taking note of? Themselves doing this already?


Even further to that, some EA games have been 75% off in the Steam sale, so again. what exactly is EA taking note of? Themselves doing this already?

Yeah but the internet hates EA so we have to rag on them for everything.


If ya gunna rag on someone look towards Activision!
Look at the prices of their Modern Warfare games. MW2 is still $90 as it’s standard price. Isn’t there like 3-4 new COD games since that game out??
I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any of the Call of Duties hit the $75 off mark….

Complaining aside..these sales = a win for us consumers and a win for the developers/publishers if copies are sold in droves. :)


I admit I bought a copy even though I’ve already got it on XBLA.

The xbox bug was a downer when I bought it back then but it seems fine on pc.


I’ll wait for a Humble Bundle appearance (it’s going to happen sooner or later).



So, shit all over Japanese game developers despite blatantly lifting your game’s art style from a Japanese game, be an utter asshole to potential customers, and refuse to accept any and all flaws you may have?

Good business strategy for EA, sure.

I’m concerned that Phil Fish’s ego is getting fed this much. Not long till it hits critical mass.


Phil Fish is a huge fucking douche bag. He is literally the worst fucktard in gaming today. There’s no way I’m ever giving him a single cent. His ego makes the Eiffel tower look like a Lego model.

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