Epic is working on an unannounced AAA shooter

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By on July 14, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney confirmed at develop Conference this week that the Unreal Tournament developer is working on a new AAA shooter. I gotta tell ya, I think it’s probably a new Gears of War game for the Xbox One – but there hasn’t been a new entry in the Unreal series since 2007, not counting re-releases, so cross your fingers for something PC freindly from the creators of one of the most ubiquitous engines in the industry today.

While he was chatting about Epic’s projects, Sweeney made a short reference to Fortnite, Epic’s cartoony zombie survival and crafting affair, which we’ve heard almost nothing about since it was first announced in late 2011. It looks like that’s still happening, then.

Sweeney also said that Epic is working on a number of other projects of various sizes; he noted that the developer is having a great time learning as it goes how to work on projects of different scale.

Source: VG247

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I hope it’s a new UT game. We need a new UT.


I hope it’s a new UT game. We need a new UT.

Lets hope so! They usually do a new UT with each new engine.


I remember awhile ago due to the UT3 and GOW1 piracy rates on pc, Epic declared they would no longer be developing for the PC. Don’t get your hopes up for anything that isn’t f2p on our platform.


I hope it’s NOT an UT game, they’ve always just been the same crap over and over again. A company like that needs a little innovation, not another FPS that follows decade old standards in game play and won’t help their profit lines.


This is apparently a new IP so it wont be UT.


I want a new Unreal but not particularly a new UT game!


This is apparently a new IP so it wont be UT.

Source? Are you sure you’re not thinking of Fortnite, their announced new IP?


Could be Samaritan, that cyberpunk tech demo vid that came out last year (it was last year wasn’t it?). I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that that was going to end up as a game, though I can’t recall if it would have RPG elements to it.



Fortnite was announced back in 2011

It is known Epic are currently working on a few new projects since the change over at head office and hopefully as Bloodbite said Samaritan but I’m also hoping for Infiltrator is the new AAA shooter



Regardless, fortnite is the only new IP we know of from epic. Samaritan would be cool, though I’m pretty sure they’ve said it will only ever be a tech demo – Could be wrong on that. We can hope. On the other hand, Epic have ruled out the possibility of infiltrator becoming a game, stating that it was a tech demo only and nothing more was to be inferred. Maybe both demos feature elements from a new ip – they shared a lot of style? That would be cool. I’ll try and find my source for the infiltrator rumour quashing (might have even been an article here).

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