CDProjekt RED hopeful that R18+ rating will mean no changes to The Witcher 3

The Witcher

By on July 9, 2013 at 12:24 pm

CDProjekt RED have confirmed to their hope that the R18+ rating will mean they don’t need to edit the game for Australian audiences, but have said that they won’t be taking it into account when designing the content.

“We don’t create the game with any specific rating in mind,” said CDPR’s Agnieszka Szostak to “We implement in it things we believe will create the best gaming experience. Whether those are meaningful choices, deep relationships between characters, sex scenes, bloody combat or curses.”

“If we think they are needed there to make the game world living, breathing and believable they will be there. Rating of the game is a secondary thing really.”

Szostak said that the only time they’ll know whether or not The Witcher 3 fits into the new R18+ category will be when they actually submit it.

“The fact that there’s a higher rating now available in Australia might potentially mean we won’t be forced to do any changes to the game to release it there and that’s a good news of course for both us and Australian gamers. But we’ll know that for sure once the game will be sent for rating.”

“If the game is good and gamers will enjoy it money will follow,” Szostak concluded.

“Putting money, wide audience, ratings, sales charts on the first place is a wrong way of doing it.”

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I think it will be fine. When the potentially objectionable content is within context, it’s usually not a problem.

Aww yiis I got Christian Bale on the FB thumbnail again.

Nasty Wet Smear

Just make sure you don’t mention drugs, sex, violence, sexy drugs, violent sex, drug fuelled violence, nudity, sexy nudity, nudity as the result of drugs, naked fighting… Oh, or the anus! The board only recently found out what the anus is for and they are NOT impressed! Children might also find out about it, and you know what kids are like, before long you’re fishing a toy car out of there. Gross.

Oh, can’t mention kids either.

Oh, wait, and whatever you do, don’t get them started on Adult Themes. You gotta watch that one, because many Themes pertain to Adults. For example, kids aren’t really interested in the economy, so don’t talk about that. No naked economics, or the drug economy, or people beating each other up about the economy and no having sex on a desk covered with credit cards!

Don’t use sex as a reward or the children might learn that sometimes people use sex as a reward, and that it’s really kinda nice… And prolly better than being paid in drugs or ammo, which is totally fine.


Meh, CDProjeckt Are pretty cool. They came about as legally close as they were able to in saying that Australians could *probably* be able to edit/patch/mod the censored bits that Witcher 2 suffered back in…
This was just after they – *on a completely unrelated matter wink wink* – removed the geo-ip location check on GoG also when it was revealed to be price gouged .. :P


Probably will be a patch within a week if anything is edited.
Also, if it is edited, gunna buy it from Amazon just to say fuck you, Australia classification board.



You could cop a fine if you live in WA or NT for possession of a RC game. As long as you don’t live in those states you should be fine.


It better not be edited as I fear that there will be rioting in the streets, followed by sacrificing pigs to classification gods. Bad joke aside, I really hope they don’t censor the game.


Frankly they can stick there fine up there anus, as it’s a nice new word they just figured out. Now they know where it goes.
I’ll just import and to hell with worrying about Australian classifications.


You could cop a fine if you live in WA or NT for possession of a RC game. As long as you don’t live in those states you should be fine.


I’m sure that will hold up in court….


PLZ keep THE WITCHER all good, no mess ups :( stupid aussie classification

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