BioShock Infinite’s DLC plans revealed: return to Rapture once more

BioShock Infinite Buried at Sea

By on July 30, 2013 at 11:35 pm

2K and Irrational have revealed that the first of BioShock Infinite‘s three planned DLCs will be Clash in the Clouds, a series of wave-based challenge maps against increasingly tougher hordes of enemies.

Clash in the Clouds is available now for $6.65 (or 400 Microsoft Points). Season Pass holders will of course get it for free.

The rest of the DLC will be rounded out with a two-part story called Buried at Sea, which is set in some sort of alternate timeline which sees Booker DeWitt investigating the underwater city of Rapture right at the cusp of the fall that started the events of the original BioShock.

Buried at Sea will be available for $18.45, or 1200 MSP.

If you’d like to get in on the cheaps, the Season Pass is still available on Steam. Check out the videos below.

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Buried at sea actually looks like it could be great.


Cool, that season pass I grabbed rather impulsively might actually be worth it.


$19.95 –

In other news, promising three DLC packs and then splitting one into two is a bit of a cop out. If the two parts of the rapture one are the same length as Minerva, I am going to be mighty disappointed.



I always thought that Rapture was 10x more…. ‘interesting’ or ‘awesome’ than Columbia. I can’t wait.
Picked up the pass with the in store blue coin credit Gamersgate UK gave as part of their (arguably best for Aussies) pre-order deals when everyone was piling on the bonuses back when.


I’m pretty keen to return to Rapture.


Must get the season pass! I’m nowhere near done with the game.


Anyone know when Buried at sea will come out? Couldn’t care less about the horde mode.


If I want to play both episodes of Buried at Sea and not the clash one, would it still be cheaper to get the season pass?

I’m confused if Buried at Sea is $18.45 for all of it, or just the first episode…



it’s listed as $15.00 USD per episode on all the USA sites.

So yeah $18.45 would be our local pricing for each episode.


No official date has been announced yet


Cheers, i’ll just grab the season pass closer to release of it.





holy crap that buried at sea looks awsome! still haven’t played infinite yet :O but i’ll be getting it for this lol and the fact i heard infinite is a great game :)

Nasty Wet Smear

Dear everyone.

Please stop buying DLC.

Thank you.


nastywetsmear: Dear everyone.

Please stop buying DLC.

Thank you.

Why? If the DLC is good, why shouldn’t we buy it?

Nasty Wet Smear

Because you’re telling game creators that it’s okay to charge you an additional $20.00, nearly half of what you paid for the original game, for what is normally less than 1/10th of the original games content. You’re reminding them that you’ll happily empty your wallet into their lap for what was, in all normal probability, something that was likely already in production, past the stage of planning if not finished when the original title was shipped.

I’d just like to go back to a time when people making a product competed for our dollar by cramming as much content and enjoyment into something at the best price they could sell it for, not this DLC age where they make their games in slices and sell them all in blocks at prices that are inflated, confident in the knowledge that people will go ahead and pay for it anyway. C’mon, wouldn’t it be nice to hear that a game came with the whole game, plus the horde mode, plus the little 2-3 hour side mission all for a $40.00 price tag?

Or, if you remember that far back, a $10.00 price tag for an expansion pack that, often, lasted as long or longer than the original game? Or it was all just saved up for a sequel that upgraded the graphics and game play of the original?

*Sings* Those weeerreee thhheee ddaayyyyssss!

Still, it’s just a polite suggestion. :) You’ll do as you please… If everyone just did what I wanted it’d be awesome, but apparently it’s against the law to force you too. Ppfftt, whatever, right?

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