Assassin’s Creed IV developer walkthrough shows open-world gameplay

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

By on July 24, 2013 at 2:57 pm

In Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, you play a pirate captain, which means you have a heck of an open world in front of you – the Caribbean. In this 13 minute developer walkthrough, game director Ashraf Ismail shows off the huge naval map, and takes us through an optional mission. Visit a hub town, take out some Templars, board an enemy craft, and go to the pub – it’s up to you. The latest stab-’em-up drops some time after the console versions arrive at the end of October.

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If that is what the game is like, I will be there. However if its more of the same with AC3 then I will pass. Loading into different zones pissed me off to no end in AC3.



Haven’t watched video yet, but my gawd.

The fast travel was stupid.
“Fast travel to Boston”
/Drops you at the exit of the zone you are currently in but doesn’t just bloody transport you to the zone you want.


Must say it’s looking much better than ACIII.

Here’s hoping it actually turns out to be as good as it is being shown off to be…


Yup finally an Assassin’s Creed I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on ;)

Problem is do I have to wait for all the DLC to release…



Oh I don’t know AC3 looked really good in trailers..

Watching this gameplay trailer though, you can see that they have refocused on stealth again.
Closer to AC2/Bro rather than AC3.

You can whistle for attention, the guards don’t have telescopic vision and you can hide around corners.


This is looking a million times better than anything AC3 displayed. I havent played AC3 nor do i plan to after all the bad stuff i heard about it lol this though…i will be getting!


Don’t be fooled by the trailers. AC3 looked awesome in the trailers but it hid the boring monotonous gameplay.


The instant he got on that boat i knew that i must have this game, even if it turns out to be terribad, i love games where you get your own boat. Many an hour was spent sailing around in Vanguard:Soh.



Oh I definately will not be pre-ordering this one for the crappy statute.
I will be waiting until reviews.

Also I’d rather a statue of the ship than of Edward..


Looking rather good. I was mostly ignoring it (yet another AC) but I like the idea of faffing around in boats. It might actually be fun.


This actually looks really good.

I actually found even AC1 quite boring and repetitive (but pretty) but this looks very impressive. In a strange way it almost looks like a first person Sid Meier’s Pirates! with excellent graphics.

Shame the ships don’t seem to involve realistic sailing but I guess it’s an action game at heart.

Thought the graphics throughout were very impressive, but especially in the township.


its good to see them making one hell of an effort to fix things that ac3 did. I just hope its not so repetitive as the past games the last one i finished was AC2 yet i played the hole series it just got to repetitive.

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