18 hours remain to get the best deals of the Steam Summer Sales

Broke Dude

By on July 22, 2013 at 8:43 am

The Steam Summer Sales are drawing to a close, and as they do every year they’re offering the chance to grab the most popular deals all over again in a final encore showing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those deals are headlined by the Skyrim Legendary Edition, which offers stupidly good value at just $29.99. We also have big names like BioShock Infinite for just $39.99, and Tomb Raider for $17.49.

Other popular deals include Civilization V for $17.49, Borderlands 2 for $16.99, and Dishonored for $15.29.

Rounding out the final day is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare at $6.24, Torchlight II at $4.99, Kerbal Space Program for $13.79, and The Walking Dead for $6.24.

What were your favourite deals this year — and how much money did you spend? Let us know below.

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I think I only spend about $30, a couple of small indie games, GTA IV Complete and Trials Evolution. Pretty happy I got some games I was keen on, and didn’t spend much at all.


How much money did we spend? Or how much money did we make thanks to all those useless cards more like :D

“Spent” $10.50 of free steam wallet re-buying some GoG games onto Steam (SS2, Witcher 2, Fallout classic Collection)
Made over $15 all up however, so I’m still ahead as far as steam is concerned.

Favourite deals – as always – were the ones at all the other digital stores since they are always so much better than Steam’s;
Assassins Creed 3 steam redeemable for $13 at Amazon,
Dark Souls for $6.37 at Amazon,
Baldurs Gate Enhanced $4 at Nuuvem,
Bioshock Infinite $24 at Nuuvem,
Stellar Impact for FREE at GMG (Plus they added cards for it, so profit!)

Meh, year after year these just seem lackluster as you slowly start to own everything. Wish Valve would actually put some effort into these sales like the 2011 Prize booth and scavenger hunts.


$20, 8 games.

Not bad. Well over one hour of game per $1.


The Witcher 2, I Am Alive, FEZ, Gunpoint, Sleeping Dogs + DLC and Assassin’s Creed (I, II, Brotherhood and Revelations) for just over $60.

My waking hours between working are well taken care of.


zip :(

Already had everything I really wanted


Skyrim was a great deal. I also got Arma 2 +Arrowhead for warZ, Deus Ex, Fallout Vegas, Chivarly, CS:GO.

$57.55 total, Bargain.


Keep waiting for various games I want to drop below semi-arbitrary price threshold. They never quite get there :/


I have spent about $35, and the really sad thing is I can’t remember all that I have purchased. The only ones I can remember are Torchlight 2, Fallout New Vegas, and The Walking Dead but I am sure there was more….


Well I picked a few things up that I wanted to play for the right price, Tomb Raider +DLC, Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout NV Complete, Just Cause 2 +DLC, Worms Revolution +DLC, Starscape, GTA IV complete, Supcom Gold Edition, and Commando’s Collection. In total $70.55 for that lot. Not a bad deal IMO.


Total of $35.30 for me this time around. Not sure how much money I got back from selling trading cards, but the money from them was a nice bonus.

$12.94 – Sleeping Dogs + DLC – Street Racer Pack, Nightmare in North Point, Zodiac Tournament, Wheels of Fury, The Year of the Snake

$3.74 – Orcs Must Die 2

$4.99 – Portal 2

$2.99 – Just Cause 2

$1.99 – Universe Sandbox

$0.27 – Just Cause

$3.39 – Surgeon Simulator

$4.99 – Mount and Blade: Warband


I spent $26.20 in USD. Got:

- Counter Strike: Global Offensive
- Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm
- Sleeping Dogs + Zodiac Tournament DLC
- Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall DLC
- RAGE: The Scorchers DLC

Nothing else I really wanted. Except for maybe Tomb Raider (which is $12.50 at Amazon btw) but I have so many other games to play and I can wait till the winter sale.


It has been a great sale and I am glad it is for only a short time. I spent over $60.00 US.

Sleeping Dogs $6.24
Star Wars: KOTOR $3.39
Star Wars: KOTOR II $3.39
Just Cause 2 $2.99
Hitman Absolution DLC $2.64
Van Helsing $7.49
Risen 2 Gold $7.49
Hitman Absolution $6.24
Deus Ex Collection (3 games) $5.99
Witcher 2 Enchanced $4.99
Mars War Logs $9.99

Hey how do I enter my games.on.net settings – want to add a picture to my name.

Future games when they go below $10.00 dollars will be Orcs and Men, Far Cry 3 and Remember Me


Hey how do I enter my games.on.net settings – want to add a picture to my name.

Go to the forums and below your name [blank picture] is a link to the User Control Panel.


$196 USD on more Steam games than I care to remember. Wife + 4 kids are all gamers of varying degrees so they were for all of us.

Put that sale together with Amazon, GamersGate and GOG – it’s been an expensive month!


Only bought one game, Torchlight 2 for $5AUD. 5 bucks is so worth a game that I can play for hours on end.

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