Xbox One E3 demonstrations running on Windows 7 PCs

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By on June 17, 2013 at 1:33 pm

We run this sort of story basically every year that there’s a new console revealed, but it’s always good so here you go: Xbox One’s E3 demonstration games were reportedly just running on reasonably high-end Windows 7 PCs, with NVIDIA GTX cards.

Why they didn’t use Windows 8 PCs instead is a mystery, but shots taken by users on the floor clearly show Corsair PC cases inside the Xbox One cupboards, with Xbox One controllers attached.

The Xbox One’s GPU is a modified AMD card, reportedly in the power range of a Radeon 7790.

Reportedly, PS4 game demos were running on actual PS4 dev kits, as confirmed by multiple developers including outspoken indie Jonathan Blow.

Source: CinemaBlend (Thanks, Stefan)

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They have obviously tried to match a PC to the xbox spec to demo the games, although using using nVidia hardware to showcase their games seems like a conflict of interest to me.


I’d just like to hear Microsoft’s reasoning for why they used those rather than… you know the X-Box One console they are trying to push. Mostly because if its anything like their current PR efforts… it will just make things worse and worse for them.


This wouldn’t have anything to do with the Overheating issue of the Xbox One would it?

I would find the link but I’m bandwidth capped and java is updating :’(


Not to mention that those silky-smooth gameplay demos would have been helped by the rumoured fact that the Nvidia cards were no less than $1000 Titans.


if they were going to do this, you’d think they would run it on windows 8 lol


Erm, wouldn’t this be akin to false/bait and switch advertising?


They were Corsair cases… HP lol.


They were Corsair cases… HP lol.

Oh, were they? Cinema Blend claimed HP and honestly I couldn’t pick it, but I’ll change that


So does this mean we can expect to see cross platforming between games like Destiny, which plays on the Xbox One and currently has not been announced for PC? It’s a worthy question for such a debate. I’d genuinely be interested to hear some responses to this.


Presumably all the Xbox one’s were being used to watch television.



You win this thread.


They were Corsair cases… HP lol.

A game crashed to a Win7 desktop with a HP-branded wallpaper, hence the suggestion of HP hardware.

I’m amazed all the Xbox apologists haven’t shown up here yet to tell us how much better than current-gen PC hardware the Xbox is, lulz.


Tim Colwill,

Maybe they had a mix of the two depending on the stand and/or company?


Well E3′s been all about win for Microsoft :D :D


If you listen during the zombie game from the One reveal you can also hear the Windows 7 error message, then the game takes a dive in FPS.


The rumors of continued production issues is true?
At least it’s proof the PC versions are actually production (not ports).. lol



Ha ha You made me lol.

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