Wolfenstein: The New Order E3 trailer is bringing Nazis back


By on June 9, 2013 at 10:09 am

Before zombies and vaguely offensively culturally stereotyped terrorists became the video game enemies of choice, we shot Nazis. Now that Machine games is bringing back the classic Muse and iD Software shooter, this trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order is quite clear on the subject that Nazis are bad. And come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and even species.

Source: Blue’s News

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I’ve never really been a fan of Wolfenstein but fk me dead…this one looks good.


20 year old game design ideals with modern improvements in game design?

Aww yiss.


I really enjoyed all 8 Wolfenstein games so far, Will get this one for the collection.


do they really need so much back story to “kill the nazis” I’m pretty sure this game is going to be a prime example of story doing nothing but getting in the way


That story is stupid and the whole nazi abbey road thing was just so faceplam. You’d like to hope it doesn’t detract from the Gameplay.. but its made by Ex-Starbreze who Made Riddick Butcher Bay and was an awesome game for the way it tied story in with gameplay.. this has me worried, especially given how Syndicate turned out. I’m expecting a repeat.

I hope the games more Riddick and less Syndicate.. but wow.. that story is really stupid.


Looks like it might be alright, but honestly how are people assuming this looks good based on a series of two second gameplay clips? They really don’t tell anything other than “you have guns and shoot them at people”. Clever editing can make anything look fun.


No multiplayer no care


as long as its just a solid first person shooter, it’ll be right. I don’t get the issue with the story, all of wolfensteins story/gameplay has been over the top and silly. God, you got to kill hitler in some robot machine in the first haha



Yeah I was quiet enjoying the atmosphere the trailer was generating until that moment. Then it became completely ridiculous..


So am I to understand that people don’t like robot Nazi’s and dual wielding weapons like shotguns? Really? Or dual-wielding at all? When was the last time that happened in aaa games?

Also, as far as Maxxxx’s comment goes, I’m more no single-player, no care.


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The Abbey Road, or rather, Abbey Strasse image made me laugh. Just a little bit.


Kinda reminds me of The Philadelphia Experiment II, except with robots thrown in


gammad: especially given how Syndicate turned out. I’m expecting a repeat.

syndicate was awesome! thoroughly enjoyed the 2011 outting, although obviously nothing like its namesakes 1990′s version, was still n awesome fps. n coop is a lot of fun too.

oh yeh and wolf: tno looks pretty sweet, too.


Looks like the bots from RPS made it here!


Nazis on the moon? I think I saw a movie about that.

Not sure about the trailer, I like killing Nazis without the need for some faux-patriotic excuse. Is this Wolfenstein-turned-spunkgargleweewee?

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