Titanfall releases first official trailer, watch the gameplay for yourself here


By on June 11, 2013 at 5:48 am

When West and Zampella broke away from Infinity Ward, nobody could have known that they were working on a weird mech combat game by the name of Titanfall. But working on it they were, and following its reveal at this year’s E3 you can now see footage of it — right here.

Check it out below.

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I’m pretty pumped to play this. The real infinity ward made superb games, and this looks like CODish gameplay with mechs in a massive open space with lots of friends. Count me in!


Big robots can’t aim is about what I got from that.


looks pretty ugly (graphically) but the concept seems cool.


Yuk no thanks, big robot version of COD eeek!



Agreed that while the concept is good but visually its just not up to par because of the Source Engine, As I’ve said before they should have used Unreal Engine 4, Frostbite 3 etc.


damn that looks pretty cool. Love me a good sci fi game! :D


Jeez what do you guys want, the graphics looked decent enough to me.

Shogo:2013 anyone?

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