The Crew will have no player limit, and 10,000 km of driveable road

The Crew

By on June 24, 2013 at 1:12 pm

When Ubisoft boasted during their E3 2013 presentation that The Crew featured the entirety of the United States as their in-game map, many observers felt quietly cynical. Today however they have revealed some more concrete details about the size of their play space, and it’s certainly ambitious.

“It’s really massive, really huge. It’s over 10,000 km of road, said Ivory Tower COO Ahmed Boukhelifa, explaining that that “whole of America” thing was just “poetic license”.

“We tried to recreate the flavour. So there’s the big cities, the networks, all the natural, beautiful environments, the red mountains, all the west and east coast coastal roads, all the downtown LA, New York, Miami, the outskirts. Each area is unlocked as a new chapter of the story”.

Boukhelifa also explained the networking infrastructure behind The Crew, saying that “the way we work is we split, technically speaking, the area around you is peer-to-peer, all the MMO services, they come from the server. Those MMO services can manage for everyone in the world from a selection of localised servers and those servers network together”.

When asked if there was a maximum number of players in the world, Boukhelifa answered: “No. We cannot limit”.

Check out the first trailer for The Crew right here.

Source: OPM via VG247

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honestly i’m looking forward to this, kinda like TDU/2 but with missions, hijacks etc.


honestly i’m looking forward to this, kinda like TDU/2 but with missions, hijacks etc.

You mean, like TDU2 but done properly. :P


TUD2 was my Spore.

And I got Spore.


I got spore too.

Hope were too damn high for that game..

In a video I just watched, they compared it to Smuggler’s Run, probably one of my favorite PS2 games. I’m all over this game now.


PC release as well, means i wont even have to be xboned by ps4 to play!


hmm looking much better than TDU2 turned out… will keep an eye on this one


I was so fucking addicted to TDU1 and then a bit disappointed with no2.

Really hoping The Crew will scratch that itch


bloodbite: You mean, like TDU2 but done properly. :P

You got it right there, I was looking forward to TDU2 when it came out but was a bit disappointed.
The Crew is looking to be an epic open-world racing game, I can’t wait for it!


This seems to be heading toward being awesome, assuming they can pull it off anyway

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