Screen Australia releases $6 million in funding to Australian game developers

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By on June 18, 2013 at 5:00 pm

Game development in Australia has been given a boost today with the announcement of $6 million in funding, to be divided amongst 10 Australian developers.

The $6 million is the first part of the $20 million package announced last year, to be delivered over the next three years.

The ten successful companies to receive funding were:

  • Defiant Development (QLD)
  • ODD Games (SA)
  • Soap Creative (NSW)
  • Tantalus Media (VIC)
  • Tin Man Games (VIC
  • Torus Games (VIC)
  • Twiitch (VIC)
  • Uppercut Games (NSW/ACT)
  • The Voxel Agents (VIC)
  • Wicked Witch Software (VIC)

Data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that employment numbers in the Australian game development sector have fallen from 1431 to 581 people. Hopefully this cash injection can help to bring that number around.

Source: Screen Australia (thanks David)

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Smallest industry in Australia?



I know these stats probably aren’t that accurate, but they’d be in the ballpark. Suddenly I feel so alone…


Soap Creative does PR for Xbox in Australia. I didn’t know they also made games.

I’ve heard of The Voxel Agents but I can’t remember what game they made.


Wow, its a quiet scene around the game dev parts.
Time to go google what they have made and start investing locally :D

Edit: Just checked them all out, and uh. Looks like all we make are Mobile games; one group did web games, and 2 others did weird games from movies on DS and such (which actually linked me to the LA page for one of them!) I was hoping for a little bit more of an indie scene in Australia, but hopes crushed [Pm me some if I'm wrong].


As usual these companies will use the money to make something like a My Little Pony: Tetris game or some shit like that. Game development in Aus will always suck because everyone wants to be Zynga.

It would be nice to see a normal title come out of the country from one of these grants instead of “daisy counting pony trainer” for Blackberry.

James Pinnell


I’ve heard of The Voxel Agents but I can’t remember what game they made.

Voxel Agents made Train Conductor and Puzzle Retreat for both iOS and Android.


nekosan: Game development in Aus will always suck because everyone wants to be Zynga.

That is a bunch of bullshit and you know it. If you actually knew people in the local industry you’d know the majority of them hate Zynga’s business model.

nekosan: It would be nice to see a normal title come out of the country from one of these grants instead of “daisy counting pony trainer” for Blackberry.

There was a vocal minority of people in all of the forums that were very much in favor of new IP. See the consultation PDFs, they contain all the arguments put forward.


I can’t be the only one who looked at the list of “successful” companies and thought “Who are these people exactly…?”.


Wasn’t dustforce made by a few Australian friends?



Kind of the point of the grant. Your Halfbrick / Firemonkeys studios in Australia shouldn’t be soaking up the grant money, they are either publisher run (FireMonkeys / EA) or doing quite well. This is a list of Indie’s / Established companies that are receiving a much needed boost to break out of the reliance on publishers and finally get their own IP out the door.

Its unfortunate that Tim didn’t link more prominently to the actual media release as I think that would give you a better idea of whats happening here, but do yourself a favour and read it. It quite clearly states that its intention is to help build studios with promising new IP, not make Pony Friends 8 for the DS.


Don’t forget that there’s also another round of funding next year, assuming that its not scrapped completely due to the election, so there’ll certainly be a lot more studios next time. But the funding was limited and a lot of talented developers missed out.

But with that said this funding comes too little and too late. All it will really do is prevent the studios selected from shutting down which is great and all but won’t give the desired scenario we all want, which is more jobs, internships and new IPs. I think the intention was to support existing IPs more, at least that’s what their guidelines and discussions lead me to believe.


Lets be honest here, that 6 million will fund a lot of sweet fark all.

The Australian games industry used to be a powerhouse, but due to over taxation and ridiculous costs to do business here most dev’s leave for better mown pastures. I could go into more detail, but there’s no need. The truth is there are no games dev’s in Australia at the moment, just App dev’s. Hopefully it’ll change, but not with the current system in place.


I guess we’ll see in a few years if they do something cool with the cash or if it’s just more mobile games.

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