Saint’s Row 4 was Refused Classification because of an “Alien Anal Probe”

Saints Row 4

By on June 26, 2013 at 10:05 am

Mark “Rockspider” Serrels over at Kotaku AU has dug up the official Classification Board report on why Saints Row IV was Refused Classification yesterday. It turns out the main reason for the decision is an “Alien Anal Probe” weapon the player can use.

“The lower half of the weapon resembles a sword hilt and the upper part contains prong-like appendages which circle around what appears to be a large dildo which runs down the centre of the weapon,” claims the report, clinically. “When using this weapon the player approaches a (clothed) victim from behind and thrusts the weapon between the victim’s legs and then lifts them off the ground before pulling a trigger which launches the victim into the air.”

The Board is also critical of what are apparently “alien narcotics”, which can be smoked to provide the player with superpowers — which you might think contravenes the use of rewards or incentives relating to drugs, but remember that Fallout 3 had fictional drugs and that was apparently okay. We’ll wait to learn more.

Hit up Kotaku AU for the full report.

Source: Kotaku AU

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That’s funny.


I never played this game. Seems probably a little overkill of craziness for me.

But I want to play because of the Dubstep gun! There I said it.


Seems somewhat reasonable to refuse clasification for the first one, that’s just stupid.
The drugs though I don’t get. Games classified for adults shouldn’t be judged on that, seems very nanny state.


’nuff said. R18 not working as intended. /sigh


I just hope they release and uncensored version somewhere so I can get an unmodified version of the game.


Alien Anal Probe? Remove, get R Rating, problem solved. I’m sure the rest of the game will be no less puerile for the lack of it, and complaining for lack of it just seems a little…anal…to me.

Not sure about the drugs thing. Perhaps they look a little too close to real world drugs or something? The player whips out a bong and puffs away or something, I don’t know.


I’ve never understood the drug issue… I mean the “Steroids” in Duke nukem Forever weren’t even renamed or anything.. and that’s apparently fine… yet this, and things like Risen with it’s weed are an issue..? Classification board working as intended.. -_-

Meh, got a handful of key sites in mind already. It’s still early days yet; will take a more closer serious look around when we’re 2-3 weeks from launch. Hope the Steam Community group Hookups does another Wholesale ~$30 price WW/ROW version offer of this like they’ve done with every other AAA so far ;).
If push comes to shove I know for a fact that buying from an off-region GmG store using a dummy account and a VPN works fine….you know…so I’ve heard.. not from personal experience or anything .. *cough.


There’s more detail in the GD thread, there’s a pixelation effect when you use the weapon which probably enhanced the feeling of an act of rape making it seem a bit more real than the comedic act it was intended as. Can’t help but feel that if there was no pixelation everything would’ve been A-OK.


So South Park can have all the anal probe jokes it wants, but if a game tries to do the same thing it’s held to a different standard?


i don’t get it.. Destroy All Humans had a probe…………. and that was years ago on the ps2 :/

O well, I’ll just buy it online.. just not on steam :/


LOL at “rockspider” reporting on an anal probe! tooooooo funny :D my morning was just made.


What a load of crap. HTF did that weapon (exactly as the report described it) not make an R18+ rating?

I’m with exe3 (gasp), the system is not working as intended.


Just have to say, lmao at all the butthurt being displayed, ironically all about allowing such a thing in the game! Also rather sad to see that people think R18+ is/should be a dumping ground for “allow anything” category games. Sadly there are even games out there which are just flat out wrong and should not be suddenly slipped into an “adult” category just because, hey! it’s an adults choice man!

It takes all of a glance to see that they have used the term “in context”. So it seems the decision has so far been based on the item being used within a certain context. The classification board is a group of people not just one, so obviously there was enough of a group decision there to think that it couldn’t justified in the context of the game being portrayed (which is saying something for an SR game!)

You think that would maybe ring an alarm bell somewhere with the public regarding what many devs pass as content these days, but it seems to ring the netrage bell instead. I mean come on if this was a reason why SR was RC how freakin bad must it have been?? SR isn’t exactly a subtle franchise full of conservative ideas and content. If a censor was playing SR and through all that the is out of place it must of been nasty bad is all I can think of lol

Someone brought up such a device in Destroy All Humans, I think you could argue that contextually it was more fitting – ie the whole joke of alien abductions/probings etc.. that always proliferates such “real life” reports. I also imagine that it was also probably a lot less graphical than what is being displayed in the SR4 version of a probing.

I would also point out that the report seems to mention this as “one of the things” why the game was RC.

I’m pretty sure there will be enough outlandish stuff in SR4 for everyone and those who must have everything possible will source the game from somewhere other than local content distributors.



Hang on a second. Adults do have the privilege to choose. Regardless of your perception, it’s how society works.

Now the only thing that breaks most of my arguments is the “consequence” of this choice. In real life if an adult chooses to be a rapist, then once caught he faces the consequences of that as an adult. I can’t seem to find any consequences related to playing an R18+ game that has alien anal probing in it.

What I want to know is, what;s the crux behind censoring sexual violence in games? If it’s to reduce sexual violence, then hey, I’ve got news for you, it’s been rampant in our society long before games were thought of.


Oh come on. Anal probes are the oldest alien joke in the book.

Also, “alien narcotics”? Really? This is such bullshit.

The description even says that they’re alien (meaning they’re not at all realistic). The main plot even revolves around aliens.

Stupid classification board is stupid.


Sounds like a funny weapon that would get old fast.

I look forward to the montages on YT to the strains of dubsteped flatulence.



Who died and crowned you the High King of the Morality?

Last time I checked, I don’t live in a dictatorship and as an adult, I think I should have the right to choose what is acceptable when it comes to what I view or play as long as I am not impinging on anyone else’s rights.

I find it moronic we finally have an R18+ rating yet we are still told by the government legal adults do not have the right to think or choose for themselves. What’s the point of even having such a rating the classification board still sees fit to impose their morals and values on a supposedly democratic population?


yurtles: Seems somewhat reasonable to refuse clasification for the first one, that’s just stupid.

Have you played a saints game ?

vcatkiller: The player whips out a bong and puffs away or something, I don’t know.

aren’t bongs also used to smoke tobacco ? (I’m ignorant here not being a drug user)

Seems stupid to ban something for having referencing drug culture or even give it an R18+ rating … how many “stoner movies” are out there … hell in TED there’s cocaine and mary jane use.

Seems stupid to ban a game for sexual violence that’s out of context when it provides context by labeling said violence as alien probing :S.

Having said all this it doesn’t affect me, instead of buying locally and paying tax on it i’ll buy it over seas cheaper and not support the Australian economy /shrug


meji: Also rather sad to see that people think R18+ is/should be a dumping ground for “allow anything” category games.

We are not talking about rapelay or similar here. The content is clearly R18, but certainly not RC. It has context, is clearly unrealistic, is clearly intended to be humorous, and not just blatantly criminal. The whole point of R18 is that Adults can choose to play these games if they want.

This is definitely not a case of an “allow anything” game, and shows that the R18+ rating is not being used as intended.


Anal raping probe gun sounds like a stupid thing anyway.. wtf?

You wonder what the dev’s are smoking somtimes..

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