Rumour: Fallout 4 shown behind closed doors at this year’s E3

Fallout Vault Boy

By on June 18, 2013 at 3:47 pm

According to reports today, Bethesda showed a brief teaser of Fallout 4 at E3 last week.

We didn’t get to see it (if it existed) but apparently it’s coming in October 2015 for PC and both current- and next-gen consoles.

Reportedly the game has been in development since January 2011 and is set in Boston, with areas including Somerville, Cambridge, and Arlington. If there are any Americans reading this, I hope this makes sense to you.

Local co-op options are reportedly being considered as well — although this whole article is complete speculation, so keep your tinfoil hat firmly on.

Source: Strategy Informer

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Pleaaassee be true.
Also please be more like NV than 3..


hopefully upgraded creation engine, so that we can jizz just like we did for skyrim…


Anyone familiar with a way humans can hibernate for 2 years?


“Local co-op options are reportedly being considered as well — although this whole article is complete speculation, so keep your tinfoil hat firmly on.”

No… just no.. something tells me this’d be as successful as Fable 2′s Co-op. I’m pretty sure their entire team was opposed to multiplayer.


If this is true then this isn’t Fallout and (from link)

it is “100% unrelated” to Zenimax Online’s current title, The Elder Scrolls Online.

Which to me says it isn’t an Elder Scrolls game or else it’d be somewhat related. Something new?


Anyone familiar with a way humans can hibernate for 2 years?

that would be the best thing, all the great games to play from the past 2 years all at once, then once ya finished them hibernate for another 2 years and repeat




I know a way if you are not afraid to fight atheist otters…



I think you may have stumbled on something…


I’d assimilate with the otters if it’d bring these next 2 years close. A new fallout is the best thing to hear all day haha.


All these rumors were floating around online months ago.



This is best new. I shall save for New PC :D



Your story is 100% believable. Only because the figure you used was $8831. If it had have simply been $8000 or $9000, your story would have been completely passed by and unbelievable.
The figure you chose to use however was not a nice rounded off number, making it totally believable and I can’t wait to hand over my credit card number to you.



who you talking to? there aint no one here by that name



who you talking to?there aint no one here by that name

a bot spamming for a site obviously loaded with malware was posting about how they earnt billions of real moniez by clicking a link


oh i didnt see that one before they deleted it,

thats why yah shouldnt bother replying to them

anyhoo back on topic: i could enjoy another fallout game

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