References to Half-Life 3, L4D3 and more found in Valve’s internal project tracker

Valve Man

By on June 20, 2013 at 11:11 am

A brief leak that publicly exposed Valve’s internal project tracking software has resulted in a number of mailing lists used within the company being released.

Notable mailing lists inside Valve include a Half-Life 3 group with 42 employees attached, a Left 4 Dead 3 group with around 70 people attached, and other smaller groups such as “Cries Unheard”, “Microbe Wars” and “The Grange”. Some joke groups also clearly exist such as “WUBWUBWUB”, “gayben” and “yo dawg”.

The list of lists was uncovered by and has been copied into Pastebin. You can see it here.

Source: Valvetime (Thanks, Stefan)

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I think it’s very safe to assume it is, and has been for a while, but at least this is proof I guess?


Playing with my dreams, stawwwwwwwp :(


I noticed this

Source 2 Code Analysis Results
Source 2 Gameplay
Source2 Artists
Source2 Builds
Source2 Characters
Source2 Entities
Source2 Minidumps
Source2 Proto-games
Source2 Tools
Source2 Triage

and then

Episode 3 Movie

hmmm… looks like things are going to get interesting with valve in the next few years apart from dota2. Their dota2 section was huge, you can really tell what valve are focusing on now.


I can see it now..

“hey guys, wouldn’t it be funny if we put something about HL3 in here to freak out the gamers?”

“haha yeah man totally”


battlefield sports is where it will be at


I agree with Disco LT, Valve are historically well known for trolling Half Life fanboys, make the bad men stop!


I can see it now..

“hey guys, wouldn’t it be funny if we put something about HL3 in here to freak out the gamers?”

“haha yeah man totally”

That do this with TF2 quite often. One time they put in files named stuff like Rat and Elf, everyone went nuts about a TF2 RPG. In the end it was just valve trolling everyone.


I noticed a few odd looking entries.

Battlefield 3 (possible Steam release?)
CS2 (Counter Strike 2?)
Diablo3 (see Battlefield 3)
Episode 3 (self explanatory)
GuildWars2 (see Battlefield 3)
Minecraft (see Battlefield 3)
Pinball (Valve pinball game?)
Starcraft (see Battlefield 3)
Steam Blackberry (Steam for Blackberry 10?)
Steam Parental Features (parental controls for Steam?)
Steam SWAT Release (new Steam policy enforcement strategy?)
Steam SWAT Techs (see above)
SteamSWAT (see above)
The International 3 Calendar (they’re already planning a third International Dota 2 tourney?)
Windows 8 (didn’t GabeN hate Windows 8?)
World of Warcraft (see Battlefield 3)


PalZer0: Windows 8 (didn’t GabeN hate Windows 8?)

he did/does he also said valve would never release games on the PS3.

I gave up on half-life awhile ago.
Valve make a great digital store but that’s really all they do now imo … well that and hats

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