Razer offering their Surround Engine for free until the end of the year

Razer Surround

By on June 28, 2013 at 5:19 pm

Razer have announced that their Surround Engine, which turns ordinary stereo headphones into emulated 7.1 audio headphones, will be available for free until December 31.

The software can be downloaded this here website. Razer would like to encourage you to make a donation to Child’s Play instead of the money you would normally give them — so far they’ve managed to raise over $13,000! Which is nice.

There are a few 7.1 emulations solutions on the market, but the Surround Engine allows you to calibrate it for your ears rather than using a one-size-fits-all solution. And hey, it’s free! Check it out.

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It makes the sound on my headphones… different? Dunno if it’s better or worse. Well, it’s free – I’ll leave it on for a bit.


Dolby 5.1 surround headphones … I’m going to guess this will not improve my experience


Got a Tiamat 7.1. I guess there’s no point in me having this on my computer?



How you finding those? I am finding mine to be one of the worst purchases i have ever made.


Nice. I only have Sennheiser RS120s or RS110s… lets see if this makes things sound better.



I’m actually finding them one of the better headset purchases I’ve made. Haven’t fallen apart yet (looking at you Turtle Beach Ear Force Charlie) and the positional audio is vastly improved over your stock standard stereo cans. The control pod is a nice touch too.



If you get the USB surround sound ones yes. If you get the properly cabled Surround Sound ones, no.


I just installed it. It makes everything sound horrible from a combination of bad eq + huge bass boost.


I tried this (hand up it was only for a few minutes) and all it seemed to do for me was more bass and louder. No improvement in my ability to locate where a sound was coming from. Using fairly cheap Sennheiser HD 218i headphones so don’t know if that is why. Would love it to work so if anyone has suggestions…


I tried this (hand up it was only for a few minutes) and all it seemed to do for me was more bass and louder. No improvement in my ability to locate where a sound was coming from. Using fairly cheap Sennheiser HD 218i headphones so don’t know if that is why. Would love it to workso if anyone has suggestions…

I feel the same; even the sample just boosts the bass on it. Does it improve location in games? Not enough to help, if at all. Horizontal location is primarily dictated by volume between ears as well as the delay (apparently it better simulates the delay between ears), and vertical location, as far as I know, no game has ever done (as vertical location requires timbral changes which requires completely different sounds for every different vertical spot).


Have not tried the software yet, but the installer had me chuckling. “Modulating expectations” indeed ;)


I noticed that too.
“Contacting Venus…”


I highly doubt virtual surround sound is going to make my audio technica’s any better. Stero is the way to go. Look at any fps gamer at an event and they will be using proper cans or the steel series headphones . This is more of razer bs, none of there products except for the death adder are any good in high end fps gaming so I can Safely say there software will be the same


If it’s made by Razer chances are it’s probably hopeless, buggy bloatware. It may ‘enhance’ the sound coming out of a set of crappy set of Turtle Beach/Razer/Beats/etc. headphones but it’s going to butcher the sound of proper headphones.


i dont know about u guys but it worked for me… gave me surround sound effect on my beats… worked quite nicely. but im a bit confused about wat to do next, do i select stereo headphones or 7.1 surround in the in game options?

headphones are a bit wanky anyways in my opinion, everyone has an opinion on the “best” ones, and its always different depending on the person. just buy a set ur happy with n be done with it. ive got 2 gamecon sets, one with audio plugs the other with usb *( one with audio plugs is at work) the usb ones at home for skype. ive got a set of dre beats my friends bought me for my 30th 2 yrs ago, and a set of
ASTRO Gaming A40 that i only semi appreciate, that i use on x360.

i do agree with whoever said the deathadder is the best razer product, i have the dpi 3500 one, the things an accurate, comfortable beast.

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