Interplay picks up Freespace rights for $7,500


By on June 9, 2013 at 4:12 pm

THQ sold the rights to Freespace to Interplay for $7,500, according to court documents.

There were two Freespace games, in 1998 and 1999, developed by Volition (which is now owned by Deep Silver). The space combat sims were published by Interplay back in the fading of its glory days, and continue to be sold on services such as

It’s not clear what Interplay intends to do with the property now it has it back in its clutches; lately the publisher hasn’t done much besides trade off its back catalogue, although it has talked about resurrecting Black Isle Studios, a lauded RPG developer, via crowdfunding.

Source: VG247

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That lauded RPG developer hasn’t got any of the original staff…


It’s too bad they have NO STAFF AT ALL :P



Who developed Fallout Online or MDK HD then? someone there must have some kind of tallent and interplay has a huge back catalog of fantastic IPs.. they’re just lead by a complete moron who signed a bogus contract with Bethesda for Fallout on the catch that they be allowed to develop Fallout Online, which they used all the money from the sale to finance development of which Bethesda got anyway..

KINDA STUPID.. Sure Interplay’s future might not be bright but I don’t see them disappearing either. Black Isle will no doubt be involved with rereleasing old Black Isle IPs interplay still owns I reckon.



MDK2 HD was developed by a separate company. Fallout Online hasn’t seen any progress in years, as far as I can tell, it’s probably dead in the water (likely because there’s no one to work on it).



Fallout Online is dead, Bethesda now own it. What they had though was a competent product, it didn’t look any worse than TES Online does. Point is that they can take the older IPs and still port them over to other consoles. Their IPs grant them a lot of sway still. Their in-house devs I wouldn’t write off, they have minor members of Black Isle still working there.. They are minor but their contributions should still be acknowledged.

Just don’t expect a miraculous return to the “Good old days”


Freelancer designers are working on something atm, i would wait out for that.


Freelancer designers are working on something atm, i would wait out for that.

Star Citizen?


Hrm, the picture appears to show a Starfury from The Babylon Project mod of the game.


Interplay! If you are willing to either make Freespace 3 or sell the rights to a developer that will (pass it off to the guys (they are pros!) I will not only help fund it, but will buy the game. I have waited for this opportunity since Freespace 2 and I know that the modding community out there would support the release of the third installment. Please! For the love of the sol system, help this game become a reality!!!!

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