Here’s how the multiplayer in Watch Dogs will work

Watch Dogs

By on June 14, 2013 at 11:59 am

The multiplayer in Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs will consist of asymmetrical warfare where players attempt to hack into each other’s games, reports Ubisoft in a blog post explaining the mechanics.

Other human players can jump into your world, appearing to you as regular NPCs. You’ll be then able to attack their phones after tagging them, and attempt to hack into and upload a virus to them. The attacked player — who could be you! — will then be notified that an attack is happening, and have a set amount of time to find you and stop you (often violently).

You can, naturally, jump into other player’s worlds and try to do the same to them. If you enter another player’s world you can also grief them, ramming them with cars and doing other fun things. However, this only works out in the open world — once you’re in a mission or a sidequest, you can no longer be interacted with by guest players in your world.

This multiplayer component can be completely disabled if you like, so you’re never forced to share your world with others. However, quite frankly, it sounds like a hilariously good time.

Source: Ubiblog

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“This multiplayer component can be completely disabled if you like, so you’re never forced to share your world with others.”

Oh thank Christ. I’ll peruse a forum or read a random Youtube comment section if I want to be trolled voluntarily.


“If you enter another player’s world you can also grief them, ramming them with cars and doing other fun things”

Yeah im sure griefing sounds really fun when your in free roam and bored out your fucking mind

Would be much better if half way through a mission a guy tracks you down and rams your car for another mission hes on




So long as I can set it to friends only mode, or invite my friends (rather than just hoping we end up in a game together) then I’m cool


Definitely. Friends only or disabled. Public = no thanks.


I like acting like a sneaky assassin and blending in to the crowd. So my form of trolling would be a little more… subtle? Its a matter of whether the player can identify you before you make your move.


it sounds like a new difficulty mode “troll mode”
Hardest difficulty setting opens your game up to be trolled in real time by random people all around the world.

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