Here is some footage of Thief in action


By on June 17, 2013 at 10:52 am

Below, courtesy of Spike TV, we have some footage of Thief (the artist formerly known as Thief 4) being played live on-screen for a TV demo.

The footage shows Garrett infiltrating a mansion in order to steal a gem, and includes shots of the water arrows, headshots, focus takedowns, and melee combat once Garrett is discovered.

It seems like the new Thief is pulling a few pages out of the Dishonored book — which is by no means a bad thing in my opinon. Take a look below.

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Haha, I laughed at the non scripted discussion. Looking good to me!


Yeah saw this the other day from E3, I’m on the fence about the Deus Ex:HR~ style experience point and level up system that the series never had or needed – but atleast we seem to actually be rewarded more-so for pickpocketing/lockpicking etc. over actually confronting the guards.

If the Human Revelation style “Ghost” and “Pacifist” rewards make a return (And are much more desireable than headshoting everyone) then I can get onboard with this remake, especially since I can turn all these casualization/Consolized Bells and whistles, HUD markers/glowy elements and Focus mode off.


It looks alright but I’m not really impressed however that’s probably due to the finishing touches not whacked in yet.

I do hope the PS4 is capable of more than what I saw there otherwise is there really a point of moving from a ps3?


Dishonoured did a good homage to the Thief series it played quite similar to it, enough to make it feel familiar but with the focus towards being an Assassin rather than a Thief. What is unusual is that it appears that Thief is now paying homage to Dishonoured.

Infact the story seems like something right out of Dishonoured rather than as opposed to previous Thief games (ie plagued City with some crazy guy in control) where as previous Thief games often had crazy guys with power, they just weren’t the head honcho gone crazy in a diseased city). Dunwall from Dishonoured and The City from Thief are quite similar in the menace they exude but in different ways.

All the gameplay footage at E3 was all about the start of the mansion mission and they played through it with a few different styles (on a ps4). The stealth wasn’t too bad except with one massive exception, w.t.f to the fog/shroud that encroaches on your vision, that just plain out annoyed me. Sitting back in stealth and observing shouldn’t be “punished” as it were, by restricting your vision like that, it’s not like Garrett is hiding under a cardboard box with a peep hole in it or something.

The melee combat looked, well, uninteresting, it was good to see that against three guards the EM player got killed in one video lol. The whole kill shot, take down aspect is a big change for the Thief series it makes the game look a whole lot more like other lite-stealth games out there.

All the helpful icons as well, just annoying, probably great for a console when you are sitting metres away from the screen, but it doesn’t take much to realise that someone has spotted you or might spot you from what I can see in that game, they give off pretty standard Thief audio and visual cues (such as exclaiming in surprise and turning towards a disturbance/entering aware mode). Also that VATs style mode, no thanks.

EM have promised you can turn off those features, though it remains to be seen, i’ll be happy to see the stealth shroud gone and perhaps a more minimalist UI like the Thief games of old.

It is always annoying to see a beloved series that is one of the best gaming series ever made be “reinvented”. Also, on this video, that presenter -> “so there seems to be some stealth elements” well that sums up todays gaming imo lol. Hearing EM also say that they respect the DNA of the franchise but then in other interviews say things like it’s no longer stealth/adventure it’s action/stealth/adventure is like “AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGHHHH” to some of the old school Thief players, we don’t want Assassins Creed: Garrett Tales >_<

There are some nice things in the game though, rope arrows make a welcome return and swiping loot looks as fun as ever with the pickpocketing. The levels shown looks more open than the restriction of TDS which should be fun, but Thief was always about taking a set area and making it your playground it was never an "open" game as it were.

EM have done an about face on a few things with this game so far, they have confirmed that Stephen Russell will make an appearance in the game, just not as Garrett. Personally i'm hoping for a return of Benny. The Garrett voice though it's not doing it for me, this guy can't deliver Garrett like Russell did, he just isn't convincing to me – to a new fan to the series though it probably doesn't seem "wrong" to them though.

I'm cautiously optimistic that they can pull this off, maybe.


meji: they have confirmed that Stephen Russell will make an appearance in the game, just not as Garrett. .

Woah what really?! That actually makes me even angrier – the fact that they can secure his talent in the game and recognize his following, yet decided to not use him as the Proper Garret. What the..?

Is there a link to this source?


Was said on the Eidos forums, I’ll have to go through and look for it though, that forum is awful to navigate.


Not looking too bad. It’s hard to tell from watching though.


I do hope the PS4 is capable of more than what I saw there otherwise is there really a point of moving from a ps3?

I would imagine as with previous generations it will take developers a while to work out how to get the most out of the console.

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