GMod creator’s new survival sandbox ‘Rust’ released in alpha


By on June 20, 2013 at 6:28 pm

Garry Newman has released the alpha for his new game, Rust, a sandbox survival title with some world-construction elements. It blends aspects of games like DayZ with Minecraft, and while it’s currently in a bit of a rough state, a lot of the alpha testers are reporting some good times.

Like other survival sandbox games you’ll need to hunt your own food and make your own clothing, but one of the key differentiators in Rust is that you actually have to build your own shelters. Once you’ve hatcheted some trees down, you actually need to assemble them into pieces and then build your shelter in your own way to keep the beasts out.

Currently the monsters are zombies, but Garry posts that these are just placeholders and will change in order to keep it differentiated from DayZ.

“We haven’t released an update for a while. A long while. Because we decided that we didn’t want it just to be DayZ – which is what it was looking like,” writes Garry. “We knew we couldn’t build big dense cities. We wanted to change direction and have the players build the world. We also hate zombies and are going to replace them with other NPCs at some point.”

“It’s not the best looking game in the world – but we’re not too concerned with looks until the gameplay is fun. So we have a free and open alpha here: – when it asks you for a code just type in numbers until it lets you go to the next page.”

I’ve tried to register and the site doesn’t seem to proceed past that page, but perhaps you’ll have better luck than me. I’ve heard on places like Reddit that registration is closed, but there’s no notice on the official page, so… who knows? Anyway, give it a shot!

Source: PC Gamer

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I played a few hours of this over a couple of days when Garry first tweeted about it, and I actually had heaps and heaps of fun. Other people said they were constantly killed by griefers, but I somehow escaped that almost completely.

Towards the end I hit a bug where I kept getting more wood out of nowhere, so I was building myself a nice tower. Really looking forward to playing some more. Last time I connected the building placement was broken.


I’m in need of a beta key, if anyone could shout me one I would be forever in debt! You can contact me via PM through GON should you have a key in spare. Looks like a promising, fun game!



HAHAHAHA. I see you too were around in the 80s.



I was worried that would go over everyone here’s heads. Glad it didn’t. :D



I just used 0000000 as my beta key and it worked fine.
Had fun but kept getting killed by everyone:( finally found someone to team up with which was much better.



“Invalid Beta Key”, too bad :(



Yeah gave me that message aswell, Just kept on trying then it worked.



How many times did you try?

Spam the button or refresh the page?


I just kept going back to the site every now and then to try and register, worked eventually probably about the 6th time i went back.


With the same credentials? Was this, this evening?



Yeah I tried registering after this article was posted, took about 30 minutes to finally get in. Apparently the server got reset earlier so there still may be a influx of people trying to get on.


“but one of the key differentiators in Rust is that you actually have to build your own shelters. Once you’ve hatcheted some trees down, you actually need to assemble them into pieces and then build your shelter in your own way to keep the beasts out.”

like wurm online …


If anyone has had success obtaining a working account please let us/me know about it.


Been trying on and off all day to get beta access on the site, but so far it’s a no go. My guess is beta registration is closed without a proper key. Please let me know if anyone else has better luck. TM


if anyone has a beta account they dont play on anymore msg me

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