DICE worried they “looked a little bit too much” at Call of Duty when making BF3

Battlefield 3

By on June 13, 2013 at 4:06 pm

EA Games executive vice president Patrick Soderlund has admitted that DICE perhaps spent a bit too much time worrying about what Call of Duty was doing.

“Even though Battlefield 3 was a gigantic success for us, I would say we may have looked a little bit too much at our competitor,” said Soderlund to GamesIndustry.

Soderlund stopped short of actually naming Call of Duty, but… well, it’s not a stretch of the imagination.

“And we’ve been criticised for that, especially on the single-player side,” he continued. “But when we started doing Battlefield 4, we said we were going to make the game we think is the right game for us and the consumers. Again, you can’t be arrogant about it. You have to be a little paranoid about what others are doing, but staying true to what you’re doing is the key.”

Check out our thoughts on Battlefield 4‘s multiplayer, fresh off the E3 show floor, right here.

Source: GamesIndustry via VG247

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Pity they’re just looking at BF3 while they make BF4.
The vicious cycle continues.


Seems sensible to watch what you competitor is doing…


DICE’s Patrick Liu “it does get tiring at some point. The only thing we can do to handle it is to focus on our own game, focus on making the best game we possibly can.”

” focus on our own game,”
Focusing on your own game by copying someone elses?


How is it even remotely similar beyond you fire guns? Bf3 = dedicated servers, 32vs32 with vehicles/planes. COD = 16 players, p2p for ranked..

Silly people whining just for the sake of it. What was the last COD game you guys actually played? Play games on their own merits rather than jumping on the local hate wagon.


Its similar in the way they made BF3 with a smaller learning curve than you would of expected after playing BF2/2142. COD is the king of the small learning curve and I guess Dice just had to get some of that easy money.

Bf2/2142 took time to get good at, you needed to work on gun control and a good aim was a must. COD and BF3 are pick up and go games. If you play COD you’ll do ok at BF3 and vice versa but a COD player would of found the going hard in BF2.


It is a little difficult to make a modern military shooter without it looking like something else these days, seeing we are already up to our eyeballs in the things. Looking at the competition to see what they’re doing isn’t such a bad thing anyhow.

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