Deadpool launch trailer features nutpunches, dubstep


By on June 25, 2013 at 10:35 am

Deadpool launches today, and of course that means we get a launch trailer. Unlike most trailers which are dripping in dubstep, at least this one has the good sense to do it ironically and with heavy lashings of nutpunching and violence. Also babes, I guess.

Here it is on Steam, where you can pay a mere $30 for it. Unusually low pricing from Activision given that they’re charging our console brethren $70, so maybe get in before it gets “corrected”.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: IGN (Thanks, Paul)

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Playing it atm, it’s awesome. :D


I hadn’t realized it was released, currently downloading to play it later.


Nice to see a solo single player game actually under US$40 and not double or triple cost for Australia/NZ region

Amazon lists the PC Download (steam) copy for US$39 were our steam is US$29 , so we are actually saving money (Currently) buying it locally


I wouldn’t expect the price to change, this isn’t the first time Activision has decided to not only bypass the Australia tax, but also priced something actually cheaper for us than even the American Steam store; oddly enough. (Walking Dead Survival Instinct, Amazing Spiderman, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron..)


I am pretty sure Activision is going to keep the price REALLY HIGH for AUS/NZ region for PC COD Ghosts .

AU Steam:- US$89.99
US Amazon:- US$59.96 –

An extra US$30 just because we are in Australia . Good work Activision . Ironically if we could save US$30 we could buy Dead Pool aswell.


Has gone up to $40 now :(


xviper: Has gone up to $40 now :(

Still $29.99 here, you sure your browser isn’t still looking at the American store? It’ll do that even if you close the browser sometimes I’ve found until you manually navigate back to the AU page.


Has gone up to $40 now :(

Just bought it now via Steam, still $29.99 USD.


haha nut shotting Mr Sinister


it’s 29.99 on steam, not sure what you’re looking at viper.

This game looks really cool but I’ll wait till steam sales I think as I don’t really have the time to invest in a game at the moment


whats it like? is it like batman? do i need an xbox controller plugged in?


I’ve been using the controller with this game. No it isn’t like Batman, so far it seems rather linear. Not that that is a bad thing, in this case it works quite well. Lots of running from fight to fight slashing the daylights out of badguys and then pulling out the guns and shooting distant enemies in the head. (although I found gunplay a little fiddly to be honest, not bad but could be better)

Of course the usual Deadpool chatter is there. And the multiple personalities in his head too. Having great fun so far, might have to sink more time into it.

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