World Cyber Games 2013 announces first four grand final titles

World Cyber Games

By on May 10, 2013 at 3:12 pm

The WCG has announced which four of the titles which will be played at the upcoming grand final in November this year.

On the list are CrossFire, FIFA 14, League of Legends and World of Tanks. I’d personally never heard of CrossFire, but that’s because it turns out it’s a South Korean online FPS! So there you go.

“These first four titles constitute the best and most popular games in a wide variety of genres,” said Brad Lee, CEO of WCG. “By the end of May, fans can look forward to another group of elite titles that will certainly satisfy every type of gamer around the world.”

Source: WCG

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For those curious as to why DOTA 2 is not on the list:

“The official reason for the dropping of Dota 2 this year was not disclosed. However, a reliable insider who does not wish to be named told GosuGamers that the reason for the dropping of Dota 2 is due to an agreement made by Tencent (Company owning Riot) and NeoTV, host of WCG, to not have Dota 2 wherever LoL is present.”

Is not the first time RIOT has enforced ARTS exclusivity at an event.


The other point of note is that Crossfire is on there. Who the hell plays that…

It’s running off Lithtech Jupiter EX. The same engine as NOLF 2…
Talk about ancient tech…


Im glad DOTA 2 isnt part of WCG, feels like such a backward tournament that nobody cares about


No Quake Live? :(


world of tanks… is that seriously a competitive game?! I only ever play it for the Lulz


I think WCG need to rethink the tournament organisers name. It’s not World Cyber Games any more…


If you wanted to play CF you would have to play it here if you want a decent ping…


TI3 > WCG.


world of tanks… is that seriously a competitive game?! I only ever play it for the Lulz

Really? Never competed in clans wars?


I’m actually surprised World of Tanks made it. There have been a few big tournaments for it but didn’t expect to see it at WCG until at least next year.


Sounds like the Korean Cyber games to me?



Nah, there is no Lost Saga…


Who does play Crossfire?

From the wiki:

Korean Version Closed Down

CrossFire terminated its service in Korea because it wasn’t making enough profit to sustain the expenses and it didn’t have many players playing on the servers. This is because Crossfire was out-competed by other FPS games such as Counter-Strike Online, Special Force Online or Sudden Attack in the game industry. This reduced the amount of players. As a result, CrossFire stopped providing its services in Korea on July 11th, 2012. However, the other versions of CrossFire continues to operate.


WCG lolz



Wow, a lot of money HAS changed hands behind closed doors…


WCG = World corrupt Games…


What an absolute joke lol.

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