Win a brand-new BenQ RL2450H RTS gaming monitor! Details inside

By on May 8, 2013 at 4:53 pm

This competition is now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Thanks to BenQ, we’re giving away three — count ‘em, three — brand-new BenQ RL2450H RTS gaming monitors to our adorable gaming audience. These monitors were custom-made in accordance with the direction from some of South Korea’s top StarCraft II players, resulting in an experience powered by a dynamic contrast booster to adjust levels on the fly and keep you at maximum alertness.

Want to know more? Here’s our comprehensive review!

How do I get one?

Good question! There are three different categories in this competition, and you can only enter one of them. Choose wisely! Your options are:


In 150 words or less, leave a comment that explains how much your current monitor is ruining your life and why you desperately, desperately need to replace it with a fully-sick BenQ RL2450H.


Draw and post an image in Microsoft Paint (or equivalent, no Photoshop wizardry please) that shows just how angry you get when you lose at a game — a loss that might have been prevented, if only you had a BenQ RL2450H.

Host that image up on the internet (sites like are ideal) and post it (or a link to it) in the comments below.


Record a video of yourself that shows just how excited you’d be if you won a new BenQ RL2450H gaming monitor! Host it up on YouTube (or similar) and leave a link to it in the comments below. No time limit on the videos, but if we get bored and leave, it’ll probably hurt your chances of winning.

What else do I need to know?

The competition closes at 11:59 PM on Wednesday May 15. It is governed by the Terms and Conditions available here. It is open to Australian residents only. Other than that, you’re good to go!

Good luck!

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Can we have some indication of size requirements for the image entries please?


No size requirements! Use your best judgement.


Its competition month… now to decide which one to ply my trade… the writing one is tempting since my all time favourite sammy has died, leaving me with this pittance 19″ 1240×1080… yea i might edit this later <3


My tale of woe -
On April 27 2013, one of my two monitors died. Part of me knew one of them was going to die sooner or later, but I never imagined it would be my newer Samsung monitor that would pass away first.

It was freshly out of warranty, and outlived by my second hand Chimei. The surviving monitor taunted me with its thick, grotesque silver bezel, its terrible backlight, and its paltry 1680×1050 resolution.

What ensued was a dark depression – how would I get any work done with one monitor? How could I bear running games at that resolution? It sickened me to my core. The Samsung stayed on my desk, where I’d occasionally try to desperately turn it on. Sometimes I was rewarded with a flash of an image, but inevitably it would flicker off and fade to black… just like my hopes and dreams.


In the last two months, both my monitors have broken. My current monitor (I used to use two), is hanging on by a thread. The crux? The power button DOES NOT WORK. I have the pull the power lead out just to turn my monitor on and off… The worst part? My other monitor was a cheap HDTV that worked wonder until a month and a half ago, wherein the backlight broke, so now I can turn it on and see… Nothing. Did I mention that the only monitor I have access to now only has a res of 1680 by 1050? I can’t even watch youtube in HD at my native res without BLACK BARS OF PAIN. I hate this monitor, a BenQ RL2450H is a gift from god in comparison.


Is a monitor supposed to just randomly shed its bezel because it feels like it? Mine does and i’m guessing that’s not normal. A monitor that is not so much of a strip-tease would be nice.


My current monitor is about 4 years old, the brightness has died off and the input button no longer works. So annoying when you are trying to see details in any game. Especially darker games. So this ‘fully-sick BenQ RL2450H’ monitor would make a HUGE difference in my life as its time to ‘desperately, desperately’ replace it!


My current monitor is a hospital surplus 1600×1200 60Hz LCD from 2003. Needless to say it costs me the edge in FPS because I can’t see everything I need when those with an actual widescreen monitor have a distinct advantage over me in TF2 and Dota2. The monitor is so old in fact, that there is blue specks of noise on the display. It doesn’t really do justice to the gaming rig that I built around it in 2011. I have the gaming mousepad, mouse and keyboard, but it all counts to nothing since the monitor can’t keep up!


I currently have only 1 monitor (21″ BENQ-G2220HD) the fact that is tiny is only half of my problem, whenever I am playing a game, midway through the screen goes black and I usually die before I can turn it back on. It has been doing this for over a year now, I can’t even play games now without the worry of it shutting off. Getting a new monitor would be really great and I would be able to return to gaming once again.

Thanks GoN


Dell 2407WFP (“The 24-incher”), 6, of Brisbane, passed away into gadget heaven during late 2012. The beloved 2407WFP entered service in mid-2007 and had become a beloved member of ausjoker’s gaming life. Bought with scraps earned from dish-washing during year 12, 2407WFP became a gaming centrepiece for console and PC game alike, showing a then unheralded open mindedness towards all gaming platforms. 2407WFP continued in faithful service for several years until an unfortunate evening in 2012 where the combination of ausjoker’s football team losing, a few beers, and an xbox controller accidentally flung in anger from a hand led to his unfortunate demise. It passed on to the next world earlier this week when curbside collection came and picked him up. Rest in peace, buddy.

2407 is succeeded by the 8 year old 19″ Samsung 940B, and playing Bioshock Infinite in 1280×1024 is pretty depressing.


I had to get a new monitor for when I got my gaming PC custom built just over a year ago and my dad bought me a cheap monitor that has had serious issus that I had to deal with until i could afford a new one (which I can’t). I really enjoy playing games like Arma 2, StarCraft 2 and Battlefield 3 and I cant play them that well with a horrible monitor. I desperately want a BenQ RL2450H monitor so I can play all my favourite games to the fullest with stunning visuals and would make my gaming setup look 20% cooler.


I already have a monitor, and it serves its purpose well, but who only has 1 monitor these days? What I need is a second monitor to get the full experience. Have you ever tried to play Supreme Commander without a full map available at all times? Or not been able to keep track of facebook while fragging some noobs? And forget about being able to pretend you’re actually being productive, when there’s no screen space to potentially be productive in. And then there’s the times you actually are being productive. As a uni student, I am constantly doing assignments, and it’s very helpful to have the assignment requirements up at the same time as my assignment, but I don’t want to sacrifice the working space of my Microsoft Word or coding window so I can have the maximum amount of information available at all times.


Well, i use 2 monitors for my uni studies but one day last month my old BenQ just randomly falls off my desk with no warning. Seems the base had a big crack in it and just split in two pieces. So i would love a new BenQ monitor especially a gaming one as i could relegate my other monitor to uni studies. Pweeeeeeeeze


My 14″ monitor is the older CRT model, which is bulky and heavy to carry around. Imagine carrying that around to LAN parties. So anything slim would be appreciated by me… and my back.


I have a 16(.something) inch CRT monitor, for some reason, the 0.something inch mattered back in the day when this monitor was a beast. The sheer lack of resolution I see when using my monitor could be likened to only having a single eye for sight, but also with an abominable lack of depth perception. I am a university student and prefer to travel 1 hour to campus to study because the monitors there are better than mine.

Acquiring a new monitor would not only make my gaming life a dream but also aid me in studying in peace without freezing cold air conditioning and having to put up with uncomfortable PC Lab stools and closing times!

The BenQ RL2450H would not only be an invaluable addition to my studies but, more importantly, to my downtime!


My two daughters, aged 5 & 8 respectively, can’t handle watching Hex and Bajo on a 22″ monitor and would prefer the supreme luxury that watching on a BenQ RL2450H would offer.


My current monitor is flickering on and off every few seconds and i cant do anything on it. It is my main monitor and my other two monitors are old hp (non-widescreen) monitors that cant play and support most new games and applications in good quality. I cant afford a new monitor and need a hd screen to use my hd radeon 7970. My monitors are wasting my money and n ot allowing me to have any fun while gaming.

Nasty Wet Smear

Bleary eyes strain against the broken pixels. Like mocking laughter, they are a rainbow dot of humiliation in the centre of your vision, taunting you as they sully the beauty of the artificial world that surrounds them. Buck and bray as you will, they do not die, they multiply!
In Skyrim, the cold, pure snow is rife with tiny dots. In Bioshock, Elizabeth’s expressive eyes are a collection of glaring squares, each more empty and hollow than the last. In Aliens: Colonial Marines… Well, they may be the best rendered part of that… But the point still stands that these points of void were not caused by the caustic blood of a xenomorphic abomination, but by the far greater sin of a screen that has, after years of loyal service, seen the end of its time.
Ashes to ashes. Rust to rust. Dead pixels you have, replace you I must.

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