What was left behind – Mass Effect creators talk non-humanoid characters and other cut concepts

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By on May 13, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Shepard’s story in the Mass Effect universe is very much over. As such, some of the developers have sat down and had a bit of a reminisce about the games — the most interesting being what they left out.

Many of the staff here at GON were excited when some multiplayer DLC added some new playable races to the game, many of us hoping some of the more sidelined races might finally make an appearance. Apparently, we weren’t far off the mark, the team considering adding Elcor and Hanar characters to the single player campaign, before cutting them in order to spend the considerable time and money investment they represented adding more depth and polish to the existing game.

Remember the time in Mass Effect 2 when you briefly take control of Joker as he tries to avoid capture by the Collectors? Apparently there were more of these sequences planned, such as taking control of a colonist on Horizon during the Collector attack, and taking control of a Quarian scientist before Tali’s loyalty mission. Unfortunately, these were again scrapped in favour of putting the energy into other places.

The next entry in the Mass Effect saga promises to offer a different perspective on the universe. Hopefully that means that some of these ideas that needed to be scrapped at this point might make it into future games. What do you think? Which Mass Effect race would you like to see in the future? Or would you rather it stayed human/biped centric? Let us know.

Source: OXM, thanks Stefan!

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I’d loved to have developed a Krogan character.


I’m glad they went down the path they did. Mass Effect was about building your character watching him/her interact and seeing how your actions affected the overall universe. To be switching around different characters would’ve killed the immersion.


I was quite annoyed at how the Elcor and Hanar and other races seemed to just disappear.


I still wish they would add Blasto to the ME3 multi play. It would make up for the three choices. Actually it would absove most of my issues with Bioware.

I wants Hanar Spectre…


Bioware seems to have an intense aversion to non-humanoid player characters/party members. Which is really disappointing, it’s a waste of the potential of sci-fi settings.


I found the elcor and the hanar to be the most interesting of all species in the galaxy.
They certainly could have been fleshed out a bit more with a few more characters, especially the elcor.


I tried to kill every hanarr I could find. Elcor were interesting though.


Bioware seems to have an intense aversion to non-humanoid player characters/party members. Which is really disappointing, it’s a waste of the potential of sci-fi settings.

Yep, TOR suffers for it greatly. They can’t even work on interesting humanoids that would be mildly outside their default human skeleton/skins.


“All party members needed to use a humanoid skeleton,” Everman added. “If we’d ever tried to use a non-humanoid, the cost would have been huge. Instead, we took all the development effort that we could have put towards an odd squad mate and made a larger, more polished game.”

I wonder what he means by “cost would have been huge”


I can’t imagine making another set of animations for a different skeleton would eat into their budget too much, honestly. Sounds like it’s just a shaky excuse.


I wonder if they were using any procedural animation systems that would have had to be retooled to work with non-humanoids.

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