Warren Spector apologises for “Did the world really need another Wolfenstein game” comments

Warren Spector

By on May 9, 2013 at 11:14 am

Warren Spector, one of the gaming industry’s biggest figureheads, posted a comment yesterday on Facebook bemoaning the reveal of yet another “generically dark, monochromatic, FPS, kill-the-Nazi-giant-robot game”.

“I am so tired of stuff like this,” said Spector. “Could we all just agree we’ll never use the generic gravelly-whisper trailer voice guy ever again? And one more thing: Please stop using Jimi Hendrix to promote your adolescent male power fantasies. Thank you. I’m done.”

Spector has since apologised for his comments, concerned that many were interpreting his words as a personal attack on the development team. “I owe the Wolfenstein team an apology,” he said in a separate post. “I wasn’t trying to diss you or your game. I have total respect for anyone making a game. I know how hard it is.”

“And to everyone who pointed out that I didn’t know enough about the game to judge, well, you were right. Consider this my mea culpa. I hope I can buy you guys a coffee or something at some show to make up for all this rigamarole.”

“Though I was wrong to take out general frustrations on an individual game and on a single team, I’ll stand by my overall statement about lack of variety and innovation in mainstream gaming. I was simply expressing, once again, my long-held belief that we make too many shooters, lots of which look, sound and feel like basically the same game dressed up in different clothes,” he continued. “I’ve been saying that for years – it’s nothing new. Wolfenstein got in the line of fire, but I’ve been shooting at this target for a long time.”

Wolfenstein: The New Order was just announced for later this year. Check out the trailer and screens here.

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Lookin forward to your next Epic Mickey game Warren..

….oh wait your studio closed down.

Toby McCasker

Damn it, Warren, stick with force over diplomacy. You taught me to teach myself that.


Toby McCasker,

I’m 100% with you on that one Mr McCasker. Spector’s original statement was spot on.


I felt the same way as Warren when it was first revealed. Mind you I didn’t go on to twitter and tell the world.

it is all a bit BLERGH imo.


I agree on the “let’s not do any more generic corridor shooters” mentality, it’s been done to death and it would be nice if devs could try something new. That said, there isn’t really enough info on the new Wolfenstein to suddenly judge it as such. That said it does look like yet another generic corridor shooter so I don’t blame him for the snap judgement.


Hopefully Wolfenstein will take some ideas from Far Cry and Crysis 1 where there was a semblance of open world. Personally I’d prefer a more Just Cause 2 level of openness but with better direction for mission and story elements. But hey one can dream.

As for Warren “I’m a has been trying to get attention” Spectre. I wish he’d try to get his points across with less drama than a 15yr old girl…


It seems that nearly every week there is someone apologizing for a previous statement they have made because somebody has been upset by it. At this stage the game looks as generic and by the numbers as he described it and until that changes I think he can say whatever he wants without the need for an apology afterwards. We’re all entitled to our opinion.
I think if more people in the industry spoke up and had the balls to share an honest opinion about an upcoming game, it would encourage developers to make more of an effort.


This is exactly what i mean when i say, “The world has become 100% fucking beigist* by meaning, everybody is all “oh im so sorry for displaying a valid point that hurt your feelings a little bit, here have some of your huge stockpiles of money to help dry the tears away* for starters, when did the world become so soft? and secondly, why silence anyone who actually has a valid opinion? this is what beigism does, we cant experience the world raw anymore; stop the world, i wanna get off



He, Will Wright and Lord British really need to hurry up and ASSEMBLEEEE


Sim Ultima Mickey Online?


I think you guys are missing the most important part… Free coffee if you run into this guy at some show!

Considering I don’t think anything he said is inherently wrong, and although I definitely agree with him on the ‘non-innovative, repainted FPS games’, I don’t see why he should have to apologise for his opinion? You don’t kick up a stink with your tutor for being given a C, when you deserved a C, but felt you should get a HD for them to say “sorry, let me just change the marking criteria so you can get the mark you feel you deserved”.

If it looks, talks and acts like a duck, its more than likely a duck, despite how much you want to shout in my face about it being some elusive subspecies of cat that has webbed feet and a bill.


pretty sure he only apologized because Zenimax chucked a Cease and Desist..

this is very similar to John Romero’s reaction to ID being taken over.. and then him also subsequently apologizing (despite having a pretty common reaction to ID being taken over by Zenimax.. who back when ID was at its greatest, Bethesda were pooping out Arena and a bunch of unsuccessful Terminator games.)

No need to apologize Warren.

ralphwiggum: Lookin forward to your next Epic Mickey game Warren..

….oh wait your studio closed down.

Dick move man… Very dick move. Given how many studios Disney has been shutting down, it was only inevitable that they’d shut down JPS, and lets also face it, Epic Mickey only failed because of Disney.. Spector’s designs initially were fantastic but Disney forced him to change his vision in order to make it much more market friendly.. I still reckon his much darker version would’ve been great had they been given the time it needed to be more than just a Mario Sunshine copy. He really cared about the IP.. and Disney betrayed him.

Also.. Zenimax wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Spector.. No Warren Spector, no Ultima Underworld… No Elder Scrolls.


Something is wrong when a man has to apologise for something that is right.



Don’t forget Deus Ex, Thief and System Shock. Warren Spector is possibly one of the most important visionaries in gaming. When he says something he shouldn’t have to apologize for it, people should have sit the hell up and listen.


kitthehacker: Don’t forget Deus Ex, Thief and System Shock. Warren Spector is possibly one of the most important visionaries in gaming. When he says something he shouldn’t have to apologize for it, people should have sit the hell up and listen.

He doesn’t even make my top 20 .
No one should have to apologise for saying something that’s why we have freedom of speech.

Having said that he’s wrong … I don’t know of many kill nazi robots shooters and honestly I miss the old school linear shooter, having said that we have no idea where this project is going they might give it a fallout style treatment for all we know /shrug no need to get the pitch forks and torches out over a teaser people.


lol saw this yesterday…im a massive fan of some of his work. It’s his opinion, but yeah, the games just been announced. So he can’t just jump on it with silly assumptions…the idea behind the new wolf game seems pretty cool. A fps shooter where you fight nazi machines! Awsome :D


I agree with him, too many shooters

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