Sitrep: The evil that gamers do

Heavy Rain

By on May 1, 2013 at 3:00 pm

I’m fascinated by the moral quandaries as often posed by games now. More specifically, the bad choice. I always bet on black. Always.

I love to cringe, but it’s more about: How far is this game gonna let me go? Really? It’s a game, surely it won’t be that far. Nasty surprises all. So far I’ve managed to put myself in some stupidly uncomfortable places. I worked negligently hard to get Heavy Rain’s worst ending. It was worth it. That has got to be the most depressing and confronting finale of your own devising I’ve ever seen go down in gameland.

I don’t want to spoil it but Ethan, y’know, he doesn’t find that kid. No one does. And Ethan, he can’t live with that.

What I find surprising is that most if not every single gamefriend I’ve talked to about this never bets on black. Ever. They want to be heroes when they could be heroes, declaring “The end justifies the means,” in a Clint Eastwood rasp as I do. Because why wouldn’t you? Where else can you purge the terrible reality of living that collects in your soul over time, safely and in the comfort of a mad bag of Dorries, maybe a delicious bubbling beverage that looks like fizzy piss?

Only vidya, mate. This is my philosophy: I’m basically the Joker. In reality, I’m just happy to cop his fashion sense (and, post-spritzer, his mannerisms). Online, let us burn everything.

But I’m a pretender to the charred bone-throne. I reveal myself as a fundamentally harmless sloth creature by the fact I never go out of my way to do the wrong thing in games. I never create it. It’s always a click of the choice’s doomcore button. Commander Toberd, do you wish to annihilate this entire race of pe- YES I DO LOL. In a recent conversation with a fellow gamebeast, I posited the question, as I love to: “Brah-dog, what is the worst thing you’ve ever done in a game?”

Now he stroked his chin-scruff and, interestingly, answered in terms of himself when let roam free, not via the oft black/white decision-making most of us default to considering. He went:

Grand Theft Auto IV. Yeah. I was playing that. I picked up a hooker, like always. Took her for a ride, know what I’m sayin’? Hey, hey? Yeah you do, you’re Toby. I just wanted to talk that day, though. I wanted to talk, and then drive that car off a bridge into the sea, with her still in the passenger seat, wondering what the hell was happening, wondering about the child back home at the projects she was working so hard to support, and now she’d picked up this madman, just another john, so she thought, right an-“

And we stop there. I turned away then, thoroughly disgusted. “You’re a monster,” I cried, and ran… back to my chair, where I sit just across from him. “I just wanted to see if I could do it,” he said.

That day I realised: I am actually quite boring, and will probably one day have a white picket fence and an illegitimate son that I call “champ”.

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Oh heavy rain….

I spent a whole day with it, and man oh man, Dat basement….

I must admit, i made a kinda point of killing off people in new vegas after i had performed their questing…

Toby McCasker


I was like, “There is no way she won’t make it out of here. Doesn’t matter what I do. She’ll get away. Games are like that. Let’s go make a Milo and come back.”

Sad feels for DAYS.


Finished Deus Ex: HR twice and didn’t kill anyone I didn’t have to both times.

My characters are nearly always saints, even if they are sith. Though hunting own and killing anyone who thinks he can be a bandit in Skyrim is perfectly fine.


Toby McCasker: Sad feels for DAYS.

I was like, hmmm yea i can get through this, its only 1am…. yea, dem quick time feels REAL BAD.

dajenko: Though hunting own and killing anyone who thinks he can be a bandit in Skyrim is perfectly fine.

i MAY have accidentally markarth the last time i visited… blood for the blood god and all that…

Actually, truthfully the only time i have ever been disgusted with my choice was when i left tali to anguish over the death of her race in ME3…. as dat quarian was probably one of the few characters in ME i kept in my squad in all the games….

Then to replay it and loose the geth… dat middle ground yo


I’m fascinated by the moral quandaries as often posed by games now. More specifically, the bad choice.

I agree with this, the more we discuss the morals of gaming, the more interesting the discussion gets. Only when we give ourselves complete freedom do we do some really crazy stuff we’d never do.

Feel like we need a forum topic about “your worst/most disturbing free-roam gaming moment”. Oh the Prototype stories…


I find it rather tough to play the badguy in games. I tried a thief class in oblivion and just ended up a good guy who stealth-killed a lot instead. I just can’t seem to be bad.


In Dishonoured I decided, after I’d finished my first time, no-reset playthrough, to turn it up to 11 and murderate *everyone* I could get my hands on. Guards, civilians, even setting off alarms deliberately to call more bodies to kill. The Golden Cat? No survivors.


The hardest moral choice I’ve ever been given in a game was in Heavy Rain.
The part with the drug dealer and the gun. You know the part.
The photo of his children. MAN, that game was intense.

Funny enough, I was quite ok with choosing my Mass Effect ending quickly without feeling much of anything. Even though the decision you make is of galactic importance that will change every single life in the galaxy.
I guess some games are better at drama than others.

Edit: This article was swept under the carpet of newer articles really quickly :(


I’m only ever bad, to bad people I promise ;)


The hardest moral choice I’ve ever been given in a game was in Heavy Rain.
The part with the drug dealer and the gun. You know the part.
The photo of his children. MAN, that game was intense.

Same here, it was a hard choice but, in his position I felt it was the right one…

“I’m a father too… ” *BLAM*

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