New League of Legends cinematic trailer reminds you that the game looks nothing like this

League of Legends

By on May 27, 2013 at 11:54 am

The difference between League of Legends beautiful cinematic trailers and the way the game actually looks and plays couldn’t be more stark — but hey! Cinematic trailers are still beautiful to look at, and this latest one is no exception. Plus, it’s got an enormous bear who is also on fire, which is an important series of keywords that any gamer should find interesting. Check it out below.

Source: VG247

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This animal abuse was brought to you by the council for daylight savings…


I wish they would have a version of the game that was a bit more buffed graphically.


I don’t play LoL, but that’s a cool video.


Has there ever been a CGI intro video that accurately represented the gameplay of the game it’s based on?

Blizzard was the king of awesome CGI intros for years while their games looked like cartoons.



They can’t graphically buff a cell shaded game really… I mean take a look at this, it does look a lot better than what it did.


Very pretty and everything, kinda disappointed the fights weren’t connected to a league match or anything like the previous 2. Also Tibbers got owned hard which was lame (though I guess accurate to his usefulness in the game :P ).

Riot keep trying to make out that League is this serious IP but they still are yet to seriously push the story forward.

And as for buffing the games graphics only Summoner’s Rift needs a major graphical overhaul and they’re slowly getting to all the old champions and giving them graphics updates.


I don’t understand where the “story” came into LoL generally i think a Moba – match by match, can’t really expand into a lore driven IP.


It’s why they’ve (wisely) moved away from the League in what story they do throw out there.


dobos2 4 lyf


Phwoar, did they poach someone from Blizzard? That was great,


I think the Elder Scrolls Online – Alliances cinematic is easily the best so far.


Phwoar, did they poach someone from Blizzard? That was great,

Nah it’s just Blur at it again :)

I think the Elder Scrolls Online – Alliances cinematic is easily the best so far.

Which was also done by Blur.


Ugh I thought that trailer was awful. Nothing wrong visually, it was just showed zero imagination and had no narrative. Showcase a series of 1v1 fights… over and over… and then suddenly everyone fights Baron? I get that game trailers generally don’t have to make much sense but this is definitely a low point compared to all the other AAA trailers out there that don’t necessarily have any kind of story either (MMOs, etc)

But yeah the overhauled graphics are getting better and better, the Dominion map looks real nice and so do all the new heroes and artwork. I see they even got rid of that cover picture with Sona’s epic boobs and made it something more reasonable =P


Cool cinematic however its all flash and little substance. I guess that is to expected from a MOBA. If only more cinematics were like this:



Never even played WoW, and that’s still my favourite teaser ever released. Damn you based Blizzard.

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