Neverwinter offline as Cryptic investigate massive auction house currency bug

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By on May 20, 2013 at 9:17 am

If you’re trying to play Neverwinter at the moment, you’re out of luck — the game is completely offline at the moment due to a massive bug in the auction house that saw players receiving free money simply by bidding negative amounts.

Last night, some clever chap found that if you bid negative amounts on your auctions the game freaked out and handed you not only the item you were bidding for, but all of the money you bid as well. So if you slammed down negative two million Astral Diamonds on an item, you’d not only end up with the item, but with a further two million Astral Diamonds on top. Nice!

Then players discovered that you could take those Astral Diamonds to the Zen market, where players were offering real life currency in exchange for Astral Diamonds, and… well, needless to say, Cryptic immediately shut the game down.

They’re now working overtime to investigate who exploited the economy, and are currently promising a “high likelihood of character-specific rollbacks” and are “investigating the possibility of a shard-wide rollback” — something which would make the hundreds of thousands of completely innocent players pretty unhappy, as this 100-page thread on the official forums shows.

Neverwinter‘s official Twitter account claims the game should be back online within the next hour.

Source: Neverwinter Forums (thanks, Nemesis_22!)

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Lol’d pretty hard at this


Wow, when real money is invloved – is it fraud? is the game company liable? what gives?


unfortunately it was far from immediate shut down.

I was on last night and our guild became aware of the exploit at about 7pm as the ZEN prices were doing strange things.

I logged off at about 1AM and at that stage you couldn’t use the AH as pretty much everything on there was either broken or had a negative amount attached to it.

so that’s at least 6 hours of massive exploiting and probably even longer… its why there is so much rage atm.


The bug was done from (there remote access site) where you bid on any item with “-100000000″ (for eg) in of how ever much AD you wanted. This went on for hours and yet gateway didn’t go down for sometime. The economy has been ruined. Mass perm bans isn’t going to solve this issue. It’s going to be interesting to see what perfect world do about this.


I’m just gonna check if this works on ebay.


The bit about it being an hour has been a terrible lie. Still down, I think for nearly ten hours so far, by my count.

The PR handling of it has been woeful. They are keeping -everyone- in the dark about it, saying ‘soon, soon, soon!’ and not saying ‘what’ is happening soon or meeting promises of coming back up. It seems to be all hands on deck and they are working in a terrifyingly mad scramble. I can only imagine how awfully insane it is over at Cryptic right now, I don’t envy them in the slightest.

EDIT – They finally decided to implement a rollback, in the end. Pretty major stuff.


Lol’d pretty hard at this

Seconded … !!!!!

If only real life were like this …… considering the shit situation in real life …. sigh

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