Maxis keeps the big numbers coming: SimCity to get 4.0 patch tomorrow

SimCity Beta

By on May 23, 2013 at 9:17 am

EA and Maxis are relentlessly patching SimCity, and they appear to be so excited that each update is considered a major patch — after all 3.0 was only released two weeks ago. I’d probably disagree with their numbering system completely as none of these have really been major patches at all, but hey! It’s your game Maxis, you do your thing.

The patch will include a new region, as well as something called a “Launch Park” to reward “dedicated fans who were early adopters”. There are also a bunch of bug fixes and overall tweaks, including improved response times for fire trucks.

There is, of course, still no mention of an offline mode — so if you were looking for that, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Check out the full notes below.

  • New: SimCity Launch Park, an exclusive new park just for our dedicated fans who were early adopters.
  • New: Region: Edgewater Bay. Seven city sites in one cluster around a beautiful bay with one great work site.
  • New: Your current server will now be shown in the options menu.
  • New: More detailed rollover information on buildings telling player’s if their Sims received happiness from a park or from shopping. Previous to this fix, this information was generic.
  • Re-Enabled Feature: Global Market prices now dynamically change during gameplay.
  • Re-Enabled Feature: Leaderboards will be active on EU West 3, Pacific 1 and Pacific 2 at the release. We will enable them on additional servers throughout the day.
  • Re-Enabled Feature: Region filters are now enabled on all SimCity servers. Players will be able to search for open games by Map Name, Sandbox Mode, and Abandoned Cities.
  • Rain Clouds: Fixed an issue where some cities would not have rain clouds to replenish their water table. If you had a city with this issue, you will start seeing clouds again within a game day.
  • Fire: Improved response time of fire trucks to fires. Improved the time it takes for a fire signal to reach a fire station.
  • Mission updates: Tuned Metals HQ and Community College missions. These were appearing too early, making them difficult to complete. They now appear later in a city’s development.
  • Solar Farm Great Work: Reduced fire risk at the Solar Farm Great work. Local fire engines were spending too much time at the Solar Farm.
  • Messaging: Improved pre-requisite messaging for Trade Port, Casinos, Smelting Factory and Oil Refinery. It should be clearer on how to unlock these buildings.
  • Graphics: Fix for flickering low wealth buildings on NVIDIA graphics cards.
  • Education: Fix for an issue some cities experienced where commuting students did not return from a neighbor’s city. This was causing a problem where students would disappear from a city in some cases.
  • Tuning: Sims will lose a small amount of happiness if they don’t have a place to shop. Cities without places to shop will see complaints and feel the effect of unhappy Sims. This will emphasize the importance of commercial zones.

Source: EA Forums (Thanks, Mike)

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Nasty Wet Smear

Fixed: Issue where players were told they need to be online has been corrected.
Fixed: Crippling DRM removed.

…. Naw, I’m kidding.


Well at least they seem to be trying to fix stuff. Many other developers may have walked away by now and left the community to fix their issues for them, but Maxis seems to be sticking with it. Still waiting for the exciting day (patch 5,102.0 or thereabouts I guess) where they say “New: offline mode” :P


vcatkiller: Many other developers may have walked away by now and left the community to fix their issues for them

That approach could never work with SimCity, due to much of the game logic being in the cloud.



they usually discontinue support after the first expansion if their history is to be repeated, and its usually EA that are responsible for dropping support. Enjoy it while it lasts because I doubt it’ll last very long.


sathias: That approach could never work with SimCity, due to much of the game logic being in the cloud.

Which cloud? I think it might have been blown away by high winds, considering that no logic is run on the cloud. It’s just a connection portal to other people just like normal networking, except in this case it’s a lot slower.

I’m surprised it’s lasted this long, but it could be a case of I can’t see the elephant syndrome as they had with SWTOR. Thing is once dug they have to keep digging the hole for this kind of screw up. At least I get some entertainment from all the Sim City patch notes :D



Well yeah, that seems to be the track record. That said perhaps they will get a bunch of stuff fixed before then? Not that it completely bothers me, still don’t actually own it, but I’m just trying to enter these threads a little more positively these days. Just think of it as “you never know” approach or something.


I never though I’d see the day that someone would surpass Mozilla in enthusiasm for major versions.


Surprised anyone still plays it.


Well if more than 1.4 million people bought it, at least a small percentage of those must be still playing, right?


My brother and I are still playing it and I can certainly say that with patch 3.0 it looks like most of my problems were fixed apart from the water situation which is said to be fixed with this one. My brother still has one town that is still “being processed” for the last month or so but other than that the game is looking a lot more fun and certainly playable.


Graphics: Fix for flickering low wealth buildings on NVIDIA graphics cards

While I haven’t played for a while this will be good.. that flickering is really bloody annoying.

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