Here are six minutes of Saints Row 4 gameplay to enjoy (with dubstep gun)

Saints Row 4

By on May 10, 2013 at 12:24 pm

And enjoy it I did — in fact, I think I actually said out loud “I need this” at the point where the superpowers kicked in and the President of the United States leapt into the sky and started smashing aliens. I didn’t even mean to. It just happened. I’m very embarrassed.

Anyway! Here it is, so you can see for yourself — just straight-up gameplay, and looking good. It’s due out on August 20.

Source: Thanks, Zak

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Anon. E. Moose

It looks exactly the same as SR3 in almost every way.
And I want this, so so badly.


It looks exactly the same as SR3 in almost every way.
And I want this, so so badly.

Yep, pretty much exactly this.


Those superpowers look like they will be hilarious in coop.


I’m getting a prototype and infamous vibe about the super powers. I mean, the sprint super jump then glide just seem a bit too familiar. If I can turn my arm into a blade, then I’m giving them all my money. Then asking Activison what they are doing to protect their IP.

The co-op was my favourite, if they remove that I just can’t see myself buying it.
Bring on the VTOLs, super powers and dub-step gun (effects look nice, but a part of me wants to see the community mod in our own music).


On the one hand it looks like it’ll be great entertaining fun, on the other hand it looks to be a massive middle finger to SR1/2 which I love. I guess not surprising based on the direction they apparently started to take with SR3 (still haven’t started it yet).


dub step gun owns



Yeah, I’m in a similar frame of mind. It looks like great fun, but they seem to have all but abandoned SR1+2, which I preferred over the over the top SO RANDUMB humour.

This really does look like a Saints Row 3 DLC though, it doesn’t look much like a new title. Which, considering it literally WAS going to be a DLC before they decided to make it into a full game, isn’t surprising.

Also, I find it kinda sad that one second they have a gun openly mocking dubstep, and a few seconds later, there’s dubstep unashamedly playing on the car radio. Priorities.


Mocking Dubstep? Maybe. But it feels there is nothing this game mocks if its featured. I thought about “sighing” at the gun. But it made me laugh during the video, good entertainment weapon.


Hmm.. they have the guitar rocket launcher.. but what about the guitar machine gun and my personal favorite the crotch gun. They better be in the game god damn it.


I also would very, very much like to see a new saints row similar to SR2. The gameplay was just so solid and fun, especially in co-op. SR3 never quite got there for me, it was close, but yeah.


i need to clench my thigh in order to cool my erection for this game


Me Want…I think I’ll be spending ages learning to abuse…eeeeerrrrrrrrr learning to use my powers for good :D


Dubstep gun made me laugh. but that is about where is stopped.

After watching this trailer i now have even more faith in the Team over at Rockstar!

Never enjoyed the immaturity of SR but for some reason enjoyed how it was executed in GTA series.



Your problem is your comparing it to other games.


Dubstep Guns need to become standard issue; already see it being my most used weapon assuming it has some lethality :P



That’s a pointless criticism. No media exists in a vacuum.


Looks fun like Saints Row 3 but I think Watch Dogs looks way cooler

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