Gear up for the Metro with Gigabyte: Winners Announcement!

Gigabyte Metro Last Light Comp

By on May 29, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Our Gear up for the Metro with Gigabyte competition had an amazing response, with 100 entries all vying for the prize. Sadly now, we’ve had to pick two (and only two!) entries, and our judges have made the gruelling decision of which two to pick.

The winners below will each be receiving their very own brand new Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 and a brand-new Aivia Osmium mechanical gaming keyboard (with Cherry Brown MX switches).

But this isn’t just any edition of the GTX 660! This is the limited Metro edition, which also comes with a free copy of the game. Excellent.

Enough delays! Our winners are:


The Weeper

The Weeper will replace any man who is unlucky enough to be unobserved by his comrades for a length of time. The most recent sighting was an incident where the creature replaced the rearmost Ranger guarding a trackcart carrying supplies. Each ranger had a length of rope attached to the cart as the tunnel was unnaturally dark.

It began to walk in his place for some time, never letting the rope go slack, before finally he was called out to. The frontmost Ranger knew what was happening and promptly ran off as he shouted a warning, but it was already too late for the others. As the survivor ran off, only the crying of the other Rangers could be heard.

Although the cart was retrieved there were no sign of the bodies and no known tunnel exits where the creature may have entered from.


With advances to gene technologies in the early 21st century, and an anticipated space race for the colonisation of the first alien planet, open access research allowed scientists to cultivate resilient forms of man, capable of flourishing in the extreme conditions of space.

When nuclear war struck Moscow, a collection of research participants survived, buried beneath the earth within hidden research facilities. As the research became unsustainable, the participants found themselves released back to human settlements, harbouring prototypical augmentations. With the flood of radiation, selective traits were able to flourish; bioluminescence, hypertrophy, telepathy, among others.

The constellation of abilities they possessed drove some into exile, while forcing others to decide between hiding amidst normal humanity or whether to exploit their abilities to forge a better life. Amidst their secrecy, it is clear they are collecting technology and those who can understand it. They appear to be building something. But what?

Both entries captured the essence of the terror of the Metro very well, and the judges imagination at the same time. But! There were heaps of fantastic entries, and we can’t go by without mentioning some of them here.

Highly commended


The Hundread

A true abomination of nature, the Hundread lurks the subways, looking for its next prey. When one of its one hundred rotting human bodies dies, it seeks another to take its place, as the others are forced to watch, screaming in anguish.

It has unmatchable strength and speed, and the only thing those unlucky enough to cross its path will remember is the unbearable stench and the screams of its victims before being torn apart.


The little devil ( AKA: дьявол Litte )

Exploring in the dangerous, dark corners of the Metro is a little problem slowing growing by the day……………Watch were you step !

The ” little devil ” is a fist sized bug that crawls through the rubbish and debris left in dark corners of the games tunnels, when you explore these corners or just are hiding from some other terror they, bite deep into your feet! their sharp teeth shred both leather and toes in one big bite …………….Ouucchhh

You can also carefully grab these little bugs and thow them just like grenades in combat ! Watch with glee as they land on your opponents sholders, arms etc and take a sold chunk out of any creature they land upon……….

Watch out for the ” little devil “………………………..


It’s easy to feel desensitized, to feel like nothing is real anymore.

Today I am definitely dreaming. I’m warm and the air smells sweet, like I’m downwind of a bakery in the mid-morning sun. Is that children laughing? I can picture it all. The park, the parents lazily conversing on the benches, one eye on their precious progeny.

I must wake up, I have to.. But it’s the last thing I want to do. I want this illusion to revel in, I want the hum of humanity.. the blood-rush of cars filling my heartbeat city.

My eyes open.

I am nothing.

I am a square of sentient mold.

I have no mouth and I must dream.


Fear. Dread. Trepidation. As bone-chilling as the meanings of these words are, there is truly no word in the English language capable of capturing the fear of that which one cannot see.
Seryy Tuman, they call it in Russian. Simply meaning “Grey Mist”.

The feeling of malaise as you begin to travel through it; the macabre sensation as the cool, mysteriously dry fog passes over and encompasses you. True terror comes not from the perception of an embodiment of evil or horror. No…true terror comes from the sensation of pure helplessness, and uncertainty of what is to come.

The flashlight may help you see through the darkness. But there is nothing to help you see through the Mist…


When the spears of fire rained from the heavens over 20 years ago it was only the faithful of a precursive Fourth Reich that smiled. Standing tall, astride their war machines of old, they continued to smile as hell washed over them.

But not all died that day.

Atomic fire had fused many to their machines, leaving hulking brutes, unnaturally enlarged, armour plated and driven by a pounding, relentless taste for war and death. Stalkers report that chief amongst them is the horrifying Konigstiger.

Wielding an 88mm cannon and bearing thick armour that made it a weapon so fearsome in battle combined with the fanatical focussed malevolence of its once commander. The earth reverberating with each step, its booming cannon singing a dirge of terror, the clattering of its small arms cascading over the battlefield.

Coordinated, relentless and nearing the Metro, contact is imminent.

Congratulations to our winners!

Please keep an eye on your forum PMs as I’ll shortly be asking for your details so you can claim your prizes. Thanks!

21 comments (Leave your own)

Aw nuts! Oh well. Congratulations to the winners they were great entries.


Congratulations to the winners and mentions!!!!

I was super proud of my entry .. im secretly shattered.


im secretly shattered.

Me too, man. Me too.



Ditto. Need to go serious mode in future, no more funny/joke entries. T_T



Grats winners!





That’s fantastic :)

I have to admit, the Kremlin somewhat influenced me from the book, although (book spoilers) when Artyom looks at the Kremlin he sprints to it without even realising and has to be tackled to the ground before he goes inside (and when they go under it later it contains the euphoria ooze).

Congrats to all the other entries too, many were a blast to read; I especially enjoyed llamapocalypse :]

Khups, your entry was amazing; it really evoked the sense of mystery that is also associated with something like the 2nd metro.

As for anyone who wants to read the book, it does differ on several plot points (and about 80% of the stations visited are different as he takes a different route), and I’d highly recommend it despite the translation awkwardness.

Still honestly shocked I won something…

Obligatory reactions


Congrats winners.

Some day…



Ditto. Need to go serious mode in future, no more funny/joke entries. T_T


I’m not sure, this was my first attempt at a humor one, and I always get angered at the humorous ones becoming the ones that are victorious. Im just confused now..

Congrats to the winners again!! Lucky mother suckers!


What is the point of saying you can be as creative as you like, serious or funny yet you only ever choose the more serious entries?

Once again, there were funnier and more creative entries, but the serious entries were the ones chosen.

How shit. Pointless rules. Not even mad.



Any chance of a CPU and motherboard giveaway?

Any chance I could win it? XD


Gratz to tha winners!



Any chance of a CPU and motherboard giveaway?

Any chance I could win it? XD

Yeah I’m with you on that one… :P

I still have my monitor that turns off every hour or so but that’s liveable; my keyboard’s back USB ports to plug my flash drive into are borked on my current one (although that will soon be rectified!), and my CPU is 6 years old and 2nd hand as it is, and my motherboard just killed my SSD on like Friday :|


Congratulations to the winners! I quite enjoyed the creativity of the entries in this competition.


WTB a comp that doesn’t require a mandatory diploma in creative writing…. I could be way off base,… but im sure there are others that also feel they have no chance of winning anything due to their lack of, well…any sort of creativity! :P. I sure couldn’t come up with anything even close to beating entries that didn’t even rate a mention in the last few comps. So i dont even bother entering these things and embarrassing myself…. :P


WTB a comp that doesn’t require a mandatory diploma in creative writing…. I could be way off base,… but im sure there are others that also feel they have no chance of winning anything due to their lack of, well…any sort of creativity! :P.I sure couldn’t come up with anything even close to beating entries that didn’t even rate a mention in the last few comps.So i dont even bother entering these things and embarrassing myself….:P

Our last comp had both written, drawing, AND video entries!


Conrats guys.

One day, maybe, I might win…



It’s the Weeper! RUN!


Congrats guys. Awesome creatures. I guess insider knowledge does help.


Tim Colwill,

Yeah I love the drawing ones. A lot of fun, both drawing and looking at the other entries.

Oh and congrats to the winners, they were very good entries. Well deserving.


Grats to all the winnars! :)

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