Gear up for the Metro with Gigabyte! Win yourself a new GTX660 and more

By on May 17, 2013 at 6:43 pm

Gigabyte, makers of all things gaming, have decided to celebrate the launch of Metro: Last Light by offering the readers the chance to gear up and take on the unforgiving underground of the Russian metro.

That’s right: win this competition, and you walk away with a brand new Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660and a brand-new Aivia Osmium mechanical gaming keyboard (with Cherry Brown MX switches). With these babies attached to your rig, you’ll have everything you need to crush the mutants into submission.

But wait! There’s more!

These are the special Metro: Last Light editions of the GTX 660 — so you’ll score yourself a free copy of the game as well! Very nice.

There are two prize packs to win, and each one contains the card (with copy of the game) and keyboard — so don’t delay!

Wondering how good Metro: Last Light looks on PC? Why not check out our detailed, nine-minute long video review and see for yourself!

Holy crap! How can I enter?

Good question! To enter this competition, all you need to do is in 150 words or less, describe one of the mutated creatures now living in the radioactive Russian underground. It can’t be an existing Metro enemy, it has to be something you made up. It can be as serious or zany as you like: the two most creative entries as selected by our judges will walk away with the prize.

Leave your entry as a comment on this article below. Remember! 150 words or less. This competition is also open to Australian residents only.

What else do I need to know?

This competition runs from now until 11:59 PM Adelaide time on Sunday 26 May. It is governed by the terms and conditions on this page.

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You recoil out of empathetic anguish as you discern the creature’s ghastly form – a quite literally un-armed, un-eyed shadow of a man. The un-eyed creature leans perilously forward seeming to defy gravity as its lack of arms and lowered centre of mass permit. Its head sweeps in an arc from side to side as it sniffs the thick mustardy air. The creature lacking the primary human sense and afflicted by an immeasurable dose of radiation has mutated transhuman olfactory receptors. It halts its scan and erects abruptly to a stiff posture pinpointing your location.

“My eyes… My arms… You have found me!” the creature proclaims as it strides towards you with a hopeful smile adorning its mouth not seen since the forgotten times.

You take aim at the creature issuing a verbal warning to halt its advance — but in the tension of imminence you have made no utterance.


( If interested you may read my expanded short story here. This is strictly for your own entertainment and not for judging as only the piece above is.)


It’s quiet, too quiet. You look around and see nothing, must be your imagination. You hear a rustle, look over to see a vending machine. You walk over to it, thinking how good it would be for something to be in there. It opens its eyes, looking deeply into your own… wait it has arms and legs, what is this creature, with its wacka doo eyes, tongue drooping out and long arms with its mickey mouse style gloves and long clown like shoes. Truly this is an evil thing. It starts to shoot cans at your face through its mouth and you wonder is it spitting at you? No time to think, it’s time to kill.


“This competition is also open to Australian citizens only.”

Citizens or residents?

Apologies: residents. I’ll correct the article.


I’m assuming this includes book monsters, such as the newcomers, the black goo that makes you experience Euphoria, the Kremlin, the worm cultists, and the snails,?


RAT-SPEWTIN: These giant mutated rats have lost majority of their hair, with long beard like chin hair and some whispy strands on their head remaining. Also the exposed flesh has become boil ridden. They possess long claws, some even report of seeing them dig their own tunnels/nests.
If confronted please place a gas mask on ASAP! They are known to rear up and spew acid at food and foe alike.
Found in only the deepest darkest sections of the Metro, you will know if you have stumbled into a lair by the husks these weird mutants leave behind as they shed more like a snake. Not much is known of the noise they make as it tends to be the last thing victims hear. Most reports on specimens say they’re albino in colouring, with yellowish skin.
If you need to venture deep don’t leave home without a good ‘Bastard’.


Wandering through the darkness you hear a faint sound. It’s remotely similar to what those who lived before the Metro called music. You can’t turn away from the sound. You slowly creep towards it with your trusty throwing knives at the ready. What is this beast? What could be luring you towards almost certain death? Nothing else but the one, the only, David Bowie


I’m assuming this includes book monsters, such as the newcomers, the black goo that makes you experience Euphoria, the Kremlin, the worm cultists, and the snails,?

Rules lawyer eh? :P

Yes, please don’t do that.

Nasty Wet Smear

Waves of radiation washed over generation after generation of victims, causing rampant cell growth, withering and mutant genetic offspring. It is no longer ‘survival of the fittest’, but survival of the most horrific. The surface now belongs to monsters like the mutant Ancylostoma Duodenale, or as it is known: “Meat Hook Worm”. No longer a tiny parasite, the new Hook Worm infects in groups of 1 – 2 thousand, swarming together to form a vaguely humanoid shape. Roughly 8 inches long and 2 inches thick, the swarm knot tightly together in a pink, moist, squirming mass, seeking out wounded life forms to infect, holding down the victim and detaching in the hundreds to pour into exposed orifices.

Projectiles offer little protection, killing only a handful of worms at a time. Rangers recommend flames or explosives. Victims can be recognised by heavy stomach pain, weariness, strong appetite and a peaked libido.


*A Wild Nightblade Appears!*


Vladimir Putin as a Hulk-like monstrosity.


You may take this scribbling to be the inane ramblings of a madman, as I might once have. But surely you know the tales, what young man does not? Of the rusalki, the nymph-like demons lurking in the dark, ready to lead a man to a swift and terrible death. Just stories, tales to scare children…or so we thought. Was it the radiation that brought these twisted creatures of nightmare and legend to life? Perhaps. Or were they here all along, hiding in the darkness? You may well laugh, but do not be fooled! What may seem enticing at first is swiftly replaced by something far more sinister: supple hands become talon-like fingers whose sole purpose is to tear and rend flesh; a delicate alluring voice and song replaced by a shrill cacophony. Should you find yourself, as I did, drawn to a siren-song from the darkness…run. Do not look back.


The Cyber-Master is the horribly mutated brain behind the Mutant Army that roamed Chernobyl in 2033, and during a large portion of the 21st century. He was worshiped by the Children of the Light; however, he was eventually defeated by Artyom.At times, the Cyber-Master was referred to as the “Dark God”, especially by those opposed to the Children of the Light. By his Children, he was referred to as the “New god”, “the Holy Flame”, and “Father Hope”. He was a hideous mutated creature that had somehow hybridized with other human mutants and computers, turning him into a rather strange and schizoid monster who speaks in multiple voices. Apart from his appearance, one of his most notable features was his unique way of speaking. His voice was computer-generated and sentences are composed, apparently in real-time, from samples of several people’s speech.


The Mutated Russian Lady Cat!

Over the years the radiation has turned the common Russian moggy into a gigantic bear-sized cat! These cats not only behave aggressively when you stumble into their territory, but they throw miniature ladies at you as a form of defense! These miniature mutated ladies are kept in special pouches that have evolved onto the cats just for this purpose.

In Metro Russia, Cat throws lady!



Half man, half bear, half pig

I’m totally serial, man-bear-pig exists, really it does



Joseph Stalin has been dead and buried for 80 years but when the radioactive waste seeped into the ground it didn’t just contaminate his preserved corpse, it reanimated and mutated him. Trying to find a way out of his metallic resting place for years until the corrosion finally ate through the metal coffin, he has broken free from his prison as a living steel being glowing bright green from the radioactive waste.

He walks the metro in constant state of change with waste dripping from his infused corpse. I fear for anyone that crosses his path, it is rumored he has the ability to propel radioactive pellets from what were once his hands.

May the watchers have mercy on the citizens of Metro.

But hey who am I kidding right? It is just a rumor after all!


When the spears of fire rained from the heavens over 20 years ago it was only the faithful of a precursive Fourth Reich that smiled. Standing tall, astride their war machines of old, they continued to smile as hell washed over them.

But not all died that day.

Atomic fire had fused many to their machines, leaving hulking brutes, unnaturally enlarged, armour plated and driven by a pounding, relentless taste for war and death. Stalkers report that chief amongst them is the horrifying Konigstiger.

Wielding an 88mm cannon and bearing thick armour that made it a weapon so fearsome in battle combined with the fanatical focussed malevolence of its once commander. The earth reverberating with each step, its booming cannon singing a dirge of terror, the clattering of its small arms cascading over the battlefield.

Coordinated, relentless and nearing the Metro, contact is imminent.


The Zomblode is an explosive enemy that lives in the radioactive underground Russia it is a mutated zombie that has inhaled Zomboria gas a prototype gas made by Russian scientists in the cold war. The Zomblode has the habit of exploding when shot at and often screams HELP!! before exploding.


For this mutant i in vision a cockroach that fused itself with a vodka bottle and goes around terrorizing and hunting people to drink. Its eyes glazed and bloodshot, chasing you down a russian sewer with a maniacal laugh. With its dirty salivating pincers it decapitates its victims and drinks their blood, the blood then makes its way into the bottle turning into vodka feeding the beast because in soviet russia vodka drinks you.


Radiation has somehow effected inanimate objects such as common rocks,
These infected rocks have human like face features,
Also the ability to propel themselves as if a human where throwing it.
The rocks have what appears to be a human mouth and set of teeth.
Sightings of rock groups devouring other mutants and sometimes humans, the more humans they consume the more detailed and life like the rocks face becomes.
It’s speculated these infected rocks only attack living things that are on the ground, Presumably anything living touching the ground somehow aggravates them.
When split the broken rock becomes it’s own individual life meaning if you blow it into tiny bits of dust the rocks still live, But being nothing but the size of dust particles enables them to be light enough to fly.
some Rangers report rapid moving dust swarms tearing through flesh like a blender.


The Witcher is a mutated fast zombie that runs around in the underground radiated areas of Chernobel in Russia. It gets it’s name as it uses it’s spit like a potion and spits out its own corrosive blood in its spit. The Witcher is extremely quick and all survivor’s should have their guard up.

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