Fez is now live on PC, purchase it from multiple retailers


By on May 2, 2013 at 11:23 am

In case you’ve been living under some sort of boulder, indie darling and platforming wunderkind Fez, which charmed so many on XBLA so long ago, has finally received its long-awaited PC version.

You can pick it up for a paltry $10 either on Steam, from GOG.com, or from the developer themselves. If you purchase it directly from the developer, you’ll get a DRM-free version as well as a Steam key, and they’ll get to keep the entirety of the profit. So that’s probably the best deal, if you like supporting indies!

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I’ve seen so much hate for Phil Fish on the Steam discussions for this game. I don’t get it.


I’ve seen so much hate for Phil Fish on the Steam discussions for this game. I don’t get it.

This is one reason.


I don’t care what one dev says, the game Fez is increible.


I thought my Pc only existed for Spreadsheets though..?
Do I need Excel to play this version?

I’ll only ever accidently own this game if it comes in an indie bundle of other titles I’m interested in – at which point I’ll manually adjust the slider to 100% charity.



I actually find this more funny than upsetting, no matter what he priced his game there are people who would complain so why not rustle some jimmies and get some free publicity for himself.



Of course! It’s pretty funny. He’s just reacting to the stuff like anyone would without PR helping them out.


I think the guy just has a severe case of foot in mouth disease. The only reason he pulls his foot out is to cram the other one in. Then kind of wondering why he ends up in all sorts of problems. I think maybe he should hire somebody to do the talking for him, it might be a lot safer for him in the long run.

Anyhow, bought and played it a little this morning. I never completed the XBLive edition (damn bugs!) but every time I’ve started a new game I’ve found all sorts of new interesting things to explore. Despite the developer acting like a dick the game itself is actually entertaining.


It looks fun and all but I still have not finished ‘Where Is My Heart?’ which is essentially the same thing but on a different plane…


well….he does tell us to steal it


I wont be buying it till its 4-5 bucks.
Its not that its a good or bad game. Just its limited to solo single player and I have bought many enjoyable multiplayer games for 8 to 12 bucks on steam.

I saw it on a mates computer today, don’t know if it was his system but the graphics looked really bad. I know it has a retro look but it doesn’t have to mean the graphics have to look that bad.

Good news that it finally got ported to computer. I’m sure it will sell heaps as 8-9 bucks


Phil Fish is a pretty unlikable human being and I really never saw the interest in Fez. There’s approximately zero variation and zero challenge. It does look pretty, but the artstyle is painfully derivative.


I’m not going to reward people who act like dicks to their userbase no matter how good the game is. There are countless other developers who know it’s not in their interest to belittle PC gamers.

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