Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon reviewed – All the good bits of FC3, only with more lasers

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

By on May 4, 2013 at 12:11 pm

In Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, you play a Mark IV Cyber-Commando named Rex Power Colt, and if that doesn’t tell you basically everything you need to know about what sort of game this is then I… really don’t know what else to tell you. Perhaps this video review will help you understand (sorry about the awful voice acting).


  • Perfectly captures the cringe-worthy 80s action era
  • Genuinely funny moments and one-liners
  • Great (awful) voice acting
  • None of the fluff or padding from Far Cry 3
  • Same great PC support (FOV even goes up to 110!)


  • Only five or six hours long at a stretch
  • No incentive to do anything else other than the main storyline
  • Outside environment is boring and uninteresting to explore

You can buy Blood Dragon on Steam for $17.95. It is a stand-alone title and does not require the original Far Cry 3 to play.

This review copy was provided by the publisher.

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Loved the Karl Urban voiceover! Well done!


Got my free codes from AMD today, downloading meow :D


Tim NEVER do that again EVER


Karl Urban… hahaha.

That’s funny cause last night I watched Dredd, so that voice is fresh in my mind. Well done indeed.


That was beautiful, hitherto everything must be reviewed in this manner. All those seditiously implying it should stop will be sentenced to life without parole in the Iso-cubes.


“No incentive to do anything else other than the main storyline”

This is not always a ‘BAD” thing. Indeed, it defines many of today’s games.



Yeah, but if you have a game with a bunch of collectibles, there should be some incentive to actually collect them. As it stands they’re just sort of… there.


Haha, awesome review :D


I finished two missions then spent several hours running around after collectibles. Apparently I missed the bit where there was no incentive. <_<

Having a blast with this though, only two more missions left and this sucker's complete though. Wish it were a tad longer…


Someone was saying it doesn’t need Far Cry 3 to run, is that right?


It is standalone. Just finished it now. 9 hours blundering through at a pedestrian pace and nearly got everything, and it was still over way too quick. Still enjoyed greatly, well worth the money.


vcatkiller: Apparently I missed the bit where there was no incentive. <_ <

Oh, yeah, I went back and did it! But there’s basically on reason to do so, is what I mean. You’re a mark IV cyber-commando and you’re literally a killing machine, not like FC3 where you basically suck forever unless you’ve spent hours roaming the island looking for enough pigs or whatever.


I’ve got one thing to say to that: exploding sniper rifle rounds. I was rather disappointed in BL2 when I discovered Torgue doesn’t manufacture sniper rifles. This game delivers! Once I unlocked exploding rounds, shot some guy’s head off in the middle of a group and sent the entire group flailing into the air, or shot a buggy and blew it up, I think I’d more than made up for the cheesy quest required to get it. No incentive? Pffft!

Ok I actually agree, you start out pretty badass to begin with and there’s no real reason to do any of the hunting around, but c’mon! Exploding sniper rounds! (that and I have a habit of being a completionist, so I’m that silly sap that runs around looking for flags/feathers/whatever so I can unlock that useful stuff like the pretty pieces of concept artwork I probably might look at once – maybe)


Haha yeah, the explosive sniper rifle is mad as hell. And the upgraded auto-shotgun is awesome too.

vcatkiller: I’m that silly sap that runs around looking for flags/feathers/

I take it you enjoyed the line where he says “I hope I don’t have to collect any fucking feathers”?


Sorry if this is considered necro posting and either slightly trolling or a flame post. I really enjoyed Blood Dragon and FarCry 3 and definitely got my monies worth and I liked the review.

However, it did become really easy towards the end as I just kept using Death From Above and other melee attacks and rarely had to use guns anymore.

I’m really amazed that the heated debate about tigers that ensued with FarCry 3 didn’t carry over to this review about Blood Dragon.

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