Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon launches tomorrow, here is a trailer to get you in the mood for CHEESE

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

By on May 1, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Well, your resident Editor-in-Chimp is giggling like an idiot, so you know that something over-the-top and satirical is on the way. Today, that something is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the tongue-in-cheek 80s action film that is Far Cry 3‘s standalone spinoff that launches tomorrow.

Everyone’s favourite Space Marine, Michael Biehn (Hicks, of Aliens fame) voices Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a cyborg commando on a mission to stop an army of dragons that shoot lasers from their eyes, metal sharks and other cyborg-type things. If you like your cheesy 80′s action flicks, Blood Dragon may just be for you, with a designated button for flipping off enemies and wildlife alike, as well as altered physics so you can spray bullets wildly and still miss most of the time!

If that trailer got you in the mood, you can pre-purchase the game here for about $18 USD, and it’ll unlock in about 11 hours. I’ll reiterate that it is standalone, so if for some reason you didn’t already own Far Cry 3, you can still download and play this.

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I really hope it does well for them. Be nice to see publishers encouraged to make games that’re slightly different.


Question – is it open world? I.e. can you just wander around the island doing whatever you like?


There is only one word to describe this concept. Cool. That’s right, this is cool and so is Ubisoft. Don’t even try argue, its cool.



It is Open World but the map isn’t as large as the standard Far cry 3 map size.


Purchased :)


While a cool concept I am still going to wait for a review as could still very easily be absolute shite.

Otherwise somebody wake up Hicks


Seen a few good reviews so far :D i think it’ll be awsome regardless lol


Already completed it a while ago thanks to Ubisoft’s flawed as hell security system, and I’ve gotta say it’s a wonderful game. Not particularly long (4-5 hours to complete 100%), but it’s worth the cash.
I was going to buy it, then I found out they’ve retroactively added it to the AMD Never Settle deal, which is nice.


Wait, did that thing say “high impact sex scene” in the ratings thing? Dafaq?


Wait, did that thing say “high impact sex scene” in the ratings thing?Dafaq?

Yes it’s an R18 game here, high impact sex scene. So infact it is even more like those dodgy 80′s movies.


I really wouldn’t call it high impact. Cheesy as fuck, more like.


It had good reviews so far

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