BioShock Infinite PC Gaming Giveaway: Winners Announcement

BioShock Infinite Competition

By on May 7, 2013 at 2:07 pm

It’s time to finally unveil the winners of our massive BioShock Infinite PC Gaming Giveaway!

With 240 entries, we had to take our time going through them all — imagining them in action, doing Photoshop mockups, running around the room making “zap!” noises and generally thoroughly making sure that we made the right choices. But now, we’ve had to choose just two people to walk away with these most excellent prizes.

Those people are:

FIRST PRIZE: Hobomaster


Harness the power of unmitigated magnetism to save your hide and disadvantage any would-be aggressors. This vigor has a wide range of applications:

What’s Yours Is Mine
That gun in your enemy’s hand just look too good to pass up? Why waste time in getting all the way over there when you can yank it right from his hands? For a small salts cost, that’s easy to do. Warning: salt expenditure may be aggravated with heavy duty weapons such as crank guns.

Automatons or Handymen giving you trouble? Make use of this power to literally tear them apart, ripping free precious metal components. As you tear the enemies apart, their effectiveness in battle wanes significantly! Warning: Fink manufacturing holds no responsibility for personal injury caused by wayward shrapnel.

Skyline Superiority
Your SkyHook(TM) may be a terrific tool, but sometimes the power of those magnets doesn’t quite give you the pull you truly desire. For a minor expenditure of salts, your problems can be solved! Any skyrail is accessible from any distance, provided you have a clear line of sight. Not only is this convenient, it can save you from a nasty fall, if you’re quick with your fingers!

Hobomaster walks away with:

  • BioShock Infinite PC Ultimate Songbird Edition (Completely sold out in Australia, no longer available to the public)
    • The Ultimate Songbird Edition includes: a PC copy of the game, a Songbird Statue, art book, Handyman figurine, lithographic print, a ‘Murder of Crows’ keychain, downloadable content – including the soundtrack – and three pieces of in-game gear
  • Replica Skyhook (Do not insert it into the faces of your enemies)
  • BioShock Infinite action figure
  • 2 x BioShock Infinite T-shirts

SECOND PRIZE: doublefrost

Introducing, ‘Dustman’:
Flavour Text: ‘No Palm Without Dust’

Columbia’s absent-minded residents are notorious for leaving perfectly good food, money, and ammo strewn about haphazardly. The Dustman vigor was brewed to service the already strained garbage collectors of the fair city.

Click: Loot and collect distant objects from the target. Rifle through bins, empty drawers, and even pickpocket ammo clips from unaware foes.

Hold: Booker siphons every hotdog, booze-bottle, and silver dollar from his surroundings into a swirling vacuum of trash. All items in the area will be torn free of their moorings and whisked away into his waiting coat pockets.

doublefrost takes home:

  • BioShock Infinite PC Premium Edition (Completely sold out in Australia, no longer available to the public)
    • The Premium Edition includes: a PC copy of the game, art book, Handyman figurine, lithographic print, a ‘Murder of Crows’ keychain, and downloadable content, including the soundtrack and three pieces of in-game gear
  • BioShock Infinite action figure
  • 2 x BioShock Infinite T-shirts

Please join me in congratulating Hobomaster and doublefrost on their win!

But that’s not all!


Unfortunately we only have two prizes to give away, but there were some great entries that deserved to be shared.


Introducing the ‘Stooges Vigor’.

Who hasn’t enjoyed the crazy escapades of Larry, Curly and Moe? Well during your stay in Columbia you should be sure to take a little time out of your busy schedule and relive the crazy antics of The Three Stooges!

When using the Stooges Vigor, enemies will drop their weapons and act like they’re in a routine from The Three Stooges. They’ll poke, slap, punch and brawl themselves to death for your amusement! A handy trick when you want to explore a level unmolested, or just need a little entertainment after all of those near death experiences.


The Higgs Vigor manipulates the Higgs Field around any object, decreasing or increasing it’s interaction, effectively meaning you can increase (primary mode) or decrease (secondary mode) mass. This changes the effects of gravity – enabling levitation or the reverse, including crushing bones and pulverizing objects. A particularly strong Higgs Vigor could possibility effect the interaction of celestial bodies, although no-one capable enough to make such modifications has ever survived long enough to harness this power.

A number of side effects occur when using the Higgs Vigor. Since all bodies without mass essentially travel at light-speed, it is also possible to increase or decrease the velocity at which an object and/or person can travel. The immediately practical outcomes are bending time (the theory of relativity) and manipulating light (increasing light particle mass to the point where it effectively stops); plus any other creative manipulations the user can dream of. Mastery of this Vigor requires significant practice and patience, something oft ignored leading to the downfall (and death, more often than not horrific in nature) of many ambitious users.

Kinky Kel

To assist in the need for a less violent and more infiltration based approach I’d set my Doppelganger Vigor to good use. Upon use of power on an enemy it would transform them to look like Booker so the enemy would spend time chasing and capturing them, allowing me easier movement throughout the city. Affects up to two people at one time. Duration lasts for 5 mins.

A side effect of this vigor sends a panic into the mind of the person changed causing them to run, thus creating a ‘chase’ for the authorities. Two levels of upgrades simply allow it to affect double the original amount affected and the second increases duration.


Enlightenment – unlike possession, which temporarily overwhelms the mind, enlightenment opens it and allows Booker to permanently recruit followers to his cause. A quick blast of knowledge instantaneously reveals the error of their ways to them, leading to a moment of epiphany. Naturally, as the deliverer of enlightenment the newly intellectually free citizens will follow Booker in his quest.

Using similar AI to Elizabeth, they will choose to fight by his side in increasingly huge mobs, reminiscent of the results of using the persuadertron in Syndicate. Booker can use his leadership to develop tactics for his new followers – such as asking them to take and hold a position, or create a distraction – adding significant complexity to the game. He can even ask them to use their apparent (to other citizens) normality to carry out actions which he would be unable to carry out without being attacked.


My Vigor would be ‘The Vortex’. You may simply launch a small purple projectile at any direction which would have a momentary force explosion, pushing and stunning all those around it. This would affect both people and objects.

However if you choose to hold the power, the landed projectile will begin to start creating a suction effect, becoming more powerful the longer you maintain it. The radius expands and victims would become flipping rag-dolls inside along with small hard objects smacking them as they fly helplessly into the vortex. As you continue this, your power begins to drain rapidly until you choose to let go or unable to sustain the power any longer. Once its released, BANG! A large force explosion occurs and everything caught inside disperses outwardly in a dangerously fast speed, smashing into all walls and hard surfaces around them. The power of the explosion depends on the longevity of its life-cycle but be aware this could backfire on the user if he stands too close.

The wielder can choose to utilise this ability more cleverly. You can use this to collect enemy projectiles flying at you, or push victims into dangerous locations filled with traps.


The “Spare Parts” Vigor. Depending on your location within the game:

Click: random materials around your current location are drawn to you through some kind of mystical force no one really understands well; even the prophet is baffled by this wicked force. This force creates an arm mounted device that incorporates your standard weapons into the design and if you are lucky a secondary vigor might attach itself to the projects you fire. (Think about bullets that are laced with possession vigor etc. with random chances)

Click on Corpses: You can steal the remaining life essence from your victims to boost low health, their souls scream inside your mind until the process is finished or you can scavenge their corpse to increase the duration and durability of your arm mounted device.

Hold Click: Your arm mounted device will power up, the heat is almost too much to stand but just before it becomes too much a pulse wave is unleashed from the device, all hostile weaponry is stolen from your foes and turned into simple compounds (a Dust of some-kind) that integrate into your arm mounted device and superchargers the damage output for 3 seconds.


Twister: Unleash a miniature tornado that wanders the area at its own whim. The closer anything gets to it the stronger the pull. Bullets fired directly at it will be consumed, but further out it will apply a bend to their trajectory if they’re passing by it.

Enemies (and friendlies) will be affected similarly. A small pull toward it at a distance (slowing charges, altering flight trajectories, etc) which will strengthen the closer you get before reaching a threshold whereupon people will be sucked within the vortex to become ensnared and suffer constant damage (But not enough to kill anyone healthy it’s important to note) until the tornado runs its course.

The tornado ends its life by hurling out anything it has consumed in random (mostly horizontal) directions, making for a potentially spectactular and deadly explosion of debris, people, vigors, bullets, etc, etc. Mileage may vary against larger, stronger enemies.

It’s deployable cover, crowd control, damage dealer and area excluder all at once. But beware, the power of the tornado is only exceeded by how exceptionally double edged it is. Make sure you’ve got a plan before letting one (or more?) of these loose.


Bullet Magnet: When cast upon an enemy your bullets will always arc into them giving you 100% accuracy. Hide behind cover and fire your bullets out on a parabolic arc, stay hidden and stay safe.

As for it’s trap, drop it on the ground and fire into it, it will absorb all bullets and when an enemy stumbles into it the bullets will fire out in a large explosion of hot lead death, while the person who steps into it now becomes the bullet magnet.


RE-ANIMATION SALVATION! (That second chance to say goodbye)

Having trouble coping with a lost loved-one? Bring them back from the dead, with re-animation salvation!

Target a dead enemy to bring them back to life as an ally. Hold down to take control of dead enemy for 10 seconds or until defeated (which ever comes first).

Using Murder of Crows on the re-animated target will scare human enemies, and they will flee away from the target, making it easy to separate strong groups of enemies.

[Target disintegrates into bones/ash after use]

Winners, look out for a PM from me shortly to grab your details. Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks to everybody who entered!

Look out for a new competition later in the week!

15 comments (Leave your own)

Gratz to the winners!


Congrats chaps! Smashingly good show.


Grats winners


Looking at Elizabeth’s face there I couldn’t help but thinking her saying “wait, my entry didn’t win? But it had kittens and everything!”

Congratulations guys, nice entries. :)


Yay congrats.


Both worthy winners, grats peeps!


Nice work! Well deserved winners.


Good work guys :)


This is great :D Totally humbled. Even better, I have a standing New Year’s bet to not buy any new games in 2013 to work through my backlog. Winning games neatly sidesteps this issue :D


Congrats winners.


Drats! Mentioned as a ‘runner-up’!

Congrats to the winners! You lucky devils.


The winners ones kind of suck…..just my opinion. I mean, congrats, but I don’t think they were worthy of the prizes. Plus the winner used would-be which is two words but he put a dash in it making it one so it’s kind of cheating :/


Congratulations to the winners! The “What’s Yours Is Mine” idea, terrific.

Also its nice to be a runner-up, makes me feel special.


Well, shit, didn’t expect that one. That definitely brightened up my evening.


The winners ones kind of suck…..just my opinion. I mean, congrats, but I don’t think they were worthy of the prizes. Plus the winner used would-be which is two words but he put a dash in it making it one so it’s kind of cheating :/

Well Tim is the judge and so it is up to his opinion regarding winning entries and runners up and to be fair both of the winning entries would fit really, really well into the game without causing a change to core mechanics – ie like the introduction of stealth, flight, invisibility etc.. would cause a big shift.

Also would-be is the correct use of that term and is classified as one word.

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