Bethesda reveals Wolfenstein re-re-boot, see the trailer and screens here

Wolfenstein: The New Order

By on May 8, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Wolfenstein 3D seems set to see yet another reboot, with yesterday’s tease revealed to be Wolfenstein: The New Order, developed — as predicted — by Machine Games.

It’s due out on current-gen consoles and PC by the end of the year, and promises an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II and now have, apparently, developed super-killing robots and other machines. Here’s a trailer, courtesy of Gamespot who have an exclusive:

And here’s a bunch of screens for you, below:

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Props for using “All along the watch tower” song.

Looks like it will be fun but it can never beat the original :P


Looks nice, but I guess new ideas are few and far between in both the game and movie industries…


I’m trying really hard, really I am, but I just can’t connect this to Wolfenstein on any level. Although maybe it will feel more Wolfenstein in future media?


Wolfenstein meets Killzone meets Dust Tactics.




I like it. Reminds me of the german robot army stories you see every so often which in turn reminds me of a short movie where there’s a german/US/japanese (samurai) robot fighting but be damned if I can find it.

Only wish they were low-tech robots rather than high-tech looking robot.

Also, hoping for a GOOD successor to RTCW-style multiplayer gameplay :D


Like the screenshots. Reminds me of killzone.


I couldn’t understand the voice over from the overly loud music. :(


… reminds me of a short movie where there’s a german/US/japanese (samurai) robot fighting but be damned if I can find it.

I think its callled Code Guardian.

Found it –


Based on the premise, the final boss battle had better be against Robo Hitler.


Stop it with the damn lens





Awesome using a bit of Jimi Hendrix in the teaser trailer. I hope this doesn’t suck.


I’m trying really hard, really I am, but I just can’t connect this to Wolfenstein on any level.Although maybe it will feel more Wolfenstein in future media?



This confuses me.

I quite liked the Wolfenstein from a few years ago. And I loved Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and I loved Wolfenstein. I loved all the occult stuff.

WW2 Nazi robots with Jimi Hendrix just hurts my brain.



Would prefer a single human dude going up against heaps of human dudes and dogs and robo Hitler in a castle. You know, Castle Wolfenstein. You know, like the game, Wolfenstein.


If it sucks don’t feel bad.. we still have ROTT (the true successor to Wolf3d).

*hugs ROTT*


That actually looks like Bethesda are doing something right :)

Colour me intrigued, if not sold ;)


Seeing that this game is made by former Starbreeze Studios employees I have some faith in this game.


Reminded me of this trailer…

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