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BenQ Monitor Giveaway

By on May 17, 2013 at 5:14 pm

We’ve been carefully evaluating the entries to our BenQ Gaming Monitor giveaway, where three lucky people will be heading home with a brand new BenQ RL2450H gaming monitor. These monitors were custom-made in accordance with the direction from some of South Korea’s top StarCraft II players, resulting in an experience powered by a dynamic contrast booster to adjust levels on the fly and keep you at maximum alertness.

But enough about that! Who are the winners? Well I’m very pleased to announce, after much deliberation, that our winners are…

Writing Category

We had a lot of great entries and tales of terror in this category, but unfortunately there could be only one. And our winner, with the worst sob story of them all, is assa46.

I currently have only 1 monitor (21″ BENQ-G2220HD) the fact that is tiny is only half of my problem, whenever I am playing a game, midway through the screen goes black and I usually die before I can turn it back on. It has been doing this for over a year now, I can’t even play games now without the worry of it shutting off. Getting a new monitor would be really great and I would be able to return to gaming once again.

A tiny 21″ monitor that blacks out in the middle of games? We must help this person. assa46, a shiny new 24″ BenQ RL2450H is on its way to you.

Drawing Category

Once again some very stellar entries in this one, but the judges felt that forum regular a3gis‘ entry showed a truly terrifying scenario of global extinction should the man lose at a game of Solitaire.

Congratulations, a3gis! Please don’t kill us all.

Video Category

Very few entries comparatively in this category, but all of them top notch — unfortunately, only one entry could win and it was tarvang whose madcap jumping and arm-flapping genuinely told the judges that he was the one who would get the most excited.

Some great runner-up entries from xsphera and AuV2 Jason, respectively. Check them out!

Tarvang, if you could please post a follow-up video once your monitor arrives showing the real happy-dance in action, that would be perfect.

Congratulations to all the winners!

I’ll be contacting you by private message on the forum shortly to organise your prize collection. Thanks to everybody who entered, and thanks to BenQ for supplying the prizes. Look out for our next competition very soon.

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Oh sweet! I can dump my 8 year old LG 17″ finally! Thanks BenQ and GON! :D


Congrats winners — condolences to those who embarrassed themselves in videos and didn’t win.

My favourite drawing was AntMilk’s: Kuato lives!


AntMilk’s was great, but it didn’t really address the criteria of showing how angry you get! Sorry AntMilk :(


Grats winners!


This is the dead pixel on djhatch90210′s monitor.
He was right, I’m not dead.
In fact……..Now I’m free



OH DAMN IT. I never win anything :(


Thank you very much, I can finally play games without being killed unfairly.
Thanks GoN :)



Congratz on the win


sorry there weren’t more winners :(


Tim Colwill:
AntMilk’s was great, but it didn’t really address the criteria of showing how angry you get! Sorry AntMilk :(

That is true. Glad you guys judge by the rules.


I’m not the only one with a screen that blacks out randomly?

Hmm… I use a Samsung 2333SW. Any idea what started the issue for you assa? Mine usually turns off maybe once a day and has been doing it for as long as I can remember now.


mine never used to do it, it was great for a long time. Then about a year ago it started turning off randomly (way more often than once a day) it may be due to age but I’m not sure.


It might even be a loose or faulty cable between your monitor and PC. Mine sadly isn’t (I checked the connection was solid and it didn’t fix it, then i bought a brand new cable and still kept turning off randomly)


Congratulations to the winners. Man i really needed that screen, lmao. I guess I’ll continue to expose myself to doses of radiation from my 19′ CRT while squinting all the time just too see the start menu.


It might even be a loose or faulty cable between your monitor and PC. Mine sadly isn’t (I checked the connection was solid and it didn’t fix it, then i bought a brand new cable and still kept turning off randomly)

Believe me, I’ve tried 4 different power cables, 3 different GPUs, 2 different computers, and the monitor still turns off at the most inopportune times.

When I used to play DotA 2 a fair bit I’d get it turning off every 3 or 4 games at the worst times. I can’t afford another one and there’s nothing wrong with this one beside that so the next monitor I’ll grab will probably be for tripe screen.


Thanks for the kudos, dudes. My rage is silent, but burns with the intensity of a dying star, much like the passion Kuato showed for freeing the people of Mars. Before his second wife crushed what was left of his tiny mutant heart, that is. The lesson here is never trust a woman with more nipples than sense.

Gratz to the winners.


Gratz guys. I love these 3 way competitions, fun reading and viewing.



Dude, if its like mine, the screen goes black and the standby light is still on like the monitor was operating its bung caps. you can by replacement packs from amazon and the states for cheap, just need balls and soldering skillz.



The standby light does not stay on; no idea how this would be fixed :\ It’s funny when it happens though in something like Day Z where I frantically try to press the power button as the 2333SW has a power button that is hidden out of view, but assa makes it sound like it happens multiple times an hour which would be annoying.

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