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By on May 30, 2013 at 2:49 pm

Our Adopt-a-Server program has been taking off, and one of the most enthuiastic adopters has been former GON admin toe2toe (now known as Chadwiko), who has taken this opportunity to build his own Australian hardcore survival Minecraft server exactly the way he wants it.

To explain more about why you should jump into this very hardcore PVP experience, I’ll hand it over to Chadwiko…

For those who have not played on a Hardcore SMP Deathban server before, there is really nothing like it. Knowing that if you die, you’ll be temporarily banned from the server means you take your own survival very, very seriously. You’ll think twice before trusting someone to build a base with. You’ll learn how scary the Nether really is. You’ll avoid lava and high cliffs. And most importantly, night time becomes a terrifying ordeal once again…

  • AusHCSMP is a Hardcore SMP Minecraft server with a 3-hour Deathban,
  • PVP, Raiding, Griefing all allowed and encouraged!
  • No towny/faction mods – almost 100% Vanilla Minecraft, as it should be!
  • Server hosted by one of Australia’s biggest gaming networks,!

Come and experience lag-free Australian Hardcore SMP Minecraft, build a hidden base, stalk your enemies, betray your allies, and hunt for the mysterious Ancient treasure that is hidden somewhere on the AusHCSMP map. I hope to see you there!

You can find the (temporary) AUSHCSMP site at The server address is and it’ll come online at 6PM AEST tonight.

You can also check out @aushcsmp on Twitter for a list of player deaths and other server events and news.

Enjoy! And if you’re interested in adopting your own GON server, why not read up on the Adopt-a-Server Program and send in an application?

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Giddy up!


Can’t be there tonight as running an LFS event, but will drop by tomorrow to check it out, Good luck :)


That actually sounds amazing.


I may not be able to make the opening, but I’ll poke my head in at some point tonight.


No mods, hardcore, griefing is encouraged? It’s going to be a bloodbath!

I predict the landscape will look untouched by human hands, but below the surface….


I don’t know if I’d like to jump in myself, knowing what to expect, but this does sound like some ripe material for blogs and so forth, depending on how popular the server becomes. “My (short) Life in Australia’s Hardcore Minecraft Underbelly” has a certain ring to it. I know I’d read it. :)


vcatkiller: I don’t know if I’d like to jump in myself, knowing what to expect, but this does sound like some ripe material for blogs and so forth, depending on how popular the server becomes. “My (short) Life in Australia’s Hardcore Minecraft Underbelly” has a certain ring to it. I know I’d read it. :)

I would love for something like that to occur organically.

I linked a short similar think on the AusHCSMP twitter yesterday. Check it out!


All fun and games until someone gets a bow and arrow, and camps the spawn ;)


This kind of sounds amazing, pity I’m not that creative and well fledged out at surviving in minecraft. :<



no PVP at spawn, and new players have 20 mins of PVP protection


its freakin awesome so far! cheers to chad!


I’m obviously the wrong person for this…

Spawned – headed out as fast as possible – checked behind myself a few times for followers – chopped a stack of wood – moved on – dug a disguised hole – and started mining. Found a big underground ravine full of nasties – and nothing other than lapis, lava and water to see. Read some chat about how people were easy to find if they left out of place blocks – like cobblestone – quit for the night – end of first session.

Woke up this morning (IRL) came out of my burrow – found torches all around – and over across the water more torches. Left the area. Came across a tree that had been cut for wood – but leaves left behind… and just nearby a set of stairs running down in to the ground. I had absolutely no desire to divert some water straight down those stairs… nor to go climbing up hill to check out some more torches… headed off into the wilderness.

Now two and a bit days travel away from spawn sleeping in a hole in the ground – plenty of food – leather for armor – stone weapons – and a bow and arrows – haven’t found any iron yet…

I just don’t have the desire to set up traps or go hunting people… I’m such a pacifist (?wimp?)


Oh man, this is awesome. Totally up for this.


I get a Refused connection error. Is this because I have previously installed Optifine?


Server is down temporarily to fix an issue.

check for information


The server would be good if it wasnt lagging and crashing all the time. Just as you get in it lags hard then you die. Terrible server.


was raiding a base and a dude in diamond armour came running at i freaked and disconnected lol

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