We’ve got five Creative Soundblaster 3D wireless gaming headsets to give away

By on April 11, 2013 at 4:07 pm

Thanks to Creative, we’ve got five excellent wireless gaming headsets to give away — and we want to give them away to you. Yes, you! Or possibly you.

Our first prize winner will walk away with Creative’s premier wireless headset, a Soundblaster Recon 3D Omega — with hardware-accelerated THX TruStudio Pro sound, a proprietary Scout Mode to let you hear enemies from further away, booming 50mm neodynium magnet drivers and cross-platform compatibility with your consoles as well, the Recon 3D Omega is a sweet piece of kit.

Four runners up will each receive the excellent Soundblaster Tactic 3D RAGE, a thoroughly excellent piece of kit which you can read our review of right here. The Tactic 3D Rage comes with 16 hours battery life, a 50mm neodynium magnet drivers for excellent sound, and an impressive range.

How do I win?

Good question! To win, you need to show us why you need these headphones more than anybody else. So! Take a photograph of your current pair of headphones, upload it to an image-hosting site (imgur.com is a good one) and post it (or a link to it) in the comments section of this article. The more pitiful the photograph, the better — so use your imagination!

We will judge the entries and award these new headphones to those who are most in need of sweet new audio. Bonus points if yours are cracked, covered in cobwebs or just plain smashed into a thousand pieces and eaten by your dog. Use your imagination! You may use Photoshop (or similar), but please base your entry on a photograph of your actual headphones.

How long do I have?

Entries close at 11:59PM ACST (that’s Adelaide time) on Thursday 18 April. One entry per person only! And, as always, this competition is only open to Australian residents.

Terms and Conditions

Read the full Terms and Conditions at this link.

Good luck!

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Will wait to see the first tincans and string entry :)


The best damn gaming headphones ever!!!!!



This happened to me three days ago.

The cup doesn’t even clip back in.

They fell on the floor, as i went back in my chair to pick it up, my chair wheels rolled over it and crushed the side and internal clip.

I actually taped it sloppily, so i can still hear, somehow. But yeah, not ideal.
Served me well in many-a-battles.
RIP Wireless headphones. </3



feral, yet still functional


These have been in service since 2005 and have traveled half way across the world with me. I’ve managed to lose one of the foam ear protectors and have had to add some elastic so that it’ll stay on my head.


My old pair of Sound Blasters have really gone to shit.


Here is a visual metaphor for the discomfort inflicted by my $5 headset:


My sad headphones:


Well, they were a Roccat Kave, but uh. Now they are just a set of 5.1 speakers, which really only sounds like stereo at that range.
LAN Parties aren’t good for your headphone health I’m afraid.


I had a choice two years ago new headphones or a new Graphics card guess which one I chose…
if you want one all you need is some really cheap small speakers, a ruler (size depends on what you need) and tape to hold the two together. Please note you must have perfect posture and no movement at all whilst these are in use.
Buyers beware, you feel like Macgyver making this!



I had a choice two years ago new headphones or a new Graphics card guess which one I chose…
if you want one all you need is some really cheap small speakers, a ruler (size depends on what you need) and tape to hold the two together. Please note you must have perfect posture and no movement at all whilst these are in use.
Buyers beware, you feel like Macgyver making this!

That is brilliant. Winner?



The idea looked better in my head. Probably would’ve been better with a clearer camera.

Yes, that’s me with a desktop speaker and a cheapy microphone taped to my head. <_<


Yes thats right i went THAT far ! in a desperate attempt for prizes i executed my logitech headset , please give me the prize before another innocent headset dies.

his sad face in death will forever haunt me.
sometimes late at night i can still hear my headset screaming :,(


At least you guys have headphones I have no speakers audio except built-in monitor speaker which on max volume you can barely hear and crackles/static cant make any sense what sound supposed to be, spent all money upgrading decent graphics card and no budget left for audio! games are not the same with no audio no matter how good graphics looks :(


And I am not even kidding….so poor…so so poor.


My old pair of the Logitech potato series headphones. They have served me well for the past ten years but have now come to the point where the sound quality resembles that of a potato.


I Can’t afford a real headset so I rock the “Swanish Razoers Pro” patent pending. note that they are the pro versions and I paid a solid $50 for this head set (excluding the price of sticky tape)



Also this is more or less what I currently use.


These are my headphones


These are my Logitech..somethings? I Originally got these back in 2008 for about $20 when I first purchased TF2 and were literally my first voice contact with the online world. Since then they have seen 2 Gonlympics, several community nights, a bunch of hilarious TF2 fails (on my behalf) and some funny Team Speak adventures.
It lacks any good input control so I control how loud my voice is moving the mic towards or away from my head. This is a breeze thanks to the Stretch Armstrong rubber arm thing, I then fine tune it by shouting “Can you guys here me?!”

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