Thief reboot trailer leaks, watch it here before it gets taken down


By on April 2, 2013 at 9:48 am

Appropriately, the reveal trailer for the Thief reboot appears to have been stolen from Square Enix’s headquarters and snuck onto YouTube in various different places.

You can watch one of them right here below on YouTube, although it’ll probably be taken down within the hour. We’ll replace it with another (or the official one) as soon as it becomes available (which was supposed to be tomorrow anyway!).

Source: Thanks, Raygun!

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That doesn’t sound like Stephen Russell… =(

Also I thought this was ‘Thief’ – not ‘Ninja’


Interesting how its got PC, PS4 and “Other next-gen consoles”.

But damn, got goosebumps :D


I wonder if they will allow this game to be influenced by the modern stealthy games such as dishonored and assassin creed. Will you be able to mass stealth kill for your priceless trinket? Personally I would prefer it but it would anger the true fan base I would imagine.


That voiceover, if it is supposed to be Garret, is not Stephen Russell’s voice >__<

The City looks nice and ominous, as always Thief is about it's environment, about the shadow's about the sound about the ambience. The City was always a playground for Garrett, albeit a dangerous and menacing playground. Garrett is lurking in the shadows and watching, waiting for opportunity.

The loot he is spying is the same necklace (and lady) from that artists concept trailer for last year (? I think last year).

The obligatory action sequence is not too bad, Garrett gets sprung by a guard and he drops a flashbomb – standard Thief fare for some, most Thief players would have done that at some point to a guard/zombie/etc. I do like his escape, Thief has always had it's escapes when things went pear shaped or you had to extract yourself from a tight situation – jumping through that window looked quite cool. The rope device, while not a rope arrow as traditionalists hope at least still serves a similar purpose. What is great is that he doesn't whip out some super weapon and whip the guards head off or explode him with grenades or something outlandish – the have kept the more passive reaction of a Thief as opposed to the reactions of a simple thug or assassin.

Of course at present it is just some CGI and may not be representative of the focus of the gameplay (though I hope it is). To be fair in Thief at the lower difficulty levels you could go toe to toe with your sword with a guard or go on a sniping spree, to remove the option of combat would not be true to a full Thief experience (though personally I love to ghost levels and love to just sit and watch exploring those beautiful playgrounds).



You weren’t even allowed to kill anyone (in most levels) on the proper difficulty levels of the originals, No doubt however this new iteration will fully allow such an approach. Here’s hoping a similar Dishonored “Chaos” system will come into play, though as always I’ll be going for that Pacifist achievement anyway.

Need more info on these Purist/Hardcore modes.




Looks Thief enough, though its only CGI. Pretty gutted about the lack of Stephen Russell though.


You can still knock out as many as you want, which can make a level pretty easy. Finding enough loot was generally the last goal I’d achieve.

Can’t remember if it has been confirmed or not that guards will wake up if you blackjack or gas them?


Please tell me there’s no zombies.


Please tell me there’s no zombies.

Iirc they said it would be more mundane and less magical based, so I think there won’t be much zombie action and probably no pagan then stuff either. Hopefully the Hammerites are still a presence in The City, maybe the Keepers, guess it depends on if it follows on from previous Thief series or is simply a flat out reboot.

Heh I remember the first time I was in Cragscleft prison working my way through the mines and I saw a dead body, turns out it was an undead body and it scared the living poo out of me when it groaned lol – playing late at night with my surround sound setup lol

Edit: Also omg DX Human Defiance!

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