Star Wars: The Old Republic update 2.1 to add new playable race


By on April 27, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Well, what do we have here? Only a whole new playable race for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Please don your Darth Vader mask as you lecture less well-educated Star Wars fans on the canon of the Cathar – or just watch the video below. The sharp-eyed aliens arrive in Update 2.1: Customization, which has not been dated.

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Awesome! Another re-skinned model!





My thoughts exactly, I used to be a huge Starwars fan and I can’t even recall them yet I can recall the Hapans and their circular ships.


It was mentioned a long, long time ago in a Bioware post over on the official forums and iirc it consisted mostly of people asking for more alien races (Ie Ithorian, Wookie or more outlandish aliens) as people didn’t like the the general selection of races which were mostly just the human models with a different face.

Nice to see that they decided to go with one of boring and unexciting races rather than with something more, subscriber enticing. Unsurprisingly I can’t see decent space combat ever making it in SWTOR either at this rate :(



If you remember Knights of the Old Republic, Juhani was a Cathar (she was the Dark Jedi you encountered on Dantooine who you could redeem and recruit into your party as a Jedi Guardian)


While I feel sorry for TOR fans, let’s face it; expecting Bioware to actually make an interesting playable race for the game was nothing short of foolishness. They have been cutting pretty much every corner they could and it shows so clearly with the playable races being half a dozen or so cut/paste jobs with different skin or face paint.

It is criminal when developers take an IP with dozens of rich and interesting races and just vomit out a generic line-up because it’s easier.


You can’t put in ‘weird’ alien races like Wookies or Ithorians because of amazing bioware romance(tm)



I know poorly written romance is the first thing I look for in an MMORPG.



Can so can so! Also, I was actually interested in this article, Juhani was a good character in Kotor. Are there actually people who don’t know that game?


I like the old republic, but I could only careless about this identical race is identical to everything else minus skin colour.


people still play this? , i left when f2p came


Yeah…They could have at least found a more memorable race to go with…

I too would like to see more variety in playable characters but it is just about impossible – it won’t happen guys. At the moment, the game has three basic shapes for all characters (Small, medium, fat…). If they deviate from those basic humanoid shapes, every single wearable asset they have made for the game (which is a considerable amount) would have to be redesigned to fit whatever weird shaped alien they chose.

You could argue that it isn’t necessary for them to have access to all the different armour types, but every other race does. If New Race #1 didn’t, it would unbalance the game and people would bitch and moan incessantly.


Surely it would’nt be that much work to change all the gear to fit a different sized character aswell…that’s just lazy.

I was thinking about giving this game a go but been heavily into guild wars 2 , is it worth a crack?


Surely it would’nt be that much work to change all the gear to fit a different sized character aswell…that’s just lazy.

I was thinking about giving this game a go but been heavily into guild wars 2 , is it worth a crack?

play it free to play, if you enjoy the story invest a little in it (a month or 2 of game time) and once you have completed the character story and done all the content once never play again.

The story is incredible but other than that it’s typical mmo fare


Surely it would’nt be that much work to change all the gear to fit a different sized character aswell…that’s just lazy.

It’s not a matter of lazy. It’s business. Looking at the volume of changes coming through in terms of gear, I’d guess they have only got a couple of artists attached for characters/gear at the moment. It would be very time consuming – ie, expensive – to get artists back onto the dev team to alter all the assets that would need to be changed.

It’s also not just about altering a helmet to fit a new head. Every animation and piece of clothing has been designed to fit and work properly on three pre-set character shapes. Every single animation would need to be reworked. Suddenly you’ve got arms intersecting with helmets that are bigger than were ever anticipated. That sort of thing.

I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but it would be a huge amount of work and I just can’t see TOR making the sort of money they’d need to bother with the investment.

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