Sitrep: Role-Playing Games… With Guns

Resonance of Fate

By on April 24, 2013 at 10:47 am

Sometimes when you do anything a lot you can start to get jaded and everything seemingly sucks. Say, writing about games. How’s that for a first world problem? “I play games and earn money for it. This is awful.” It’s like anything, though. If you ate bacon all day every day you would hate bacon. OK that is a fallacy but maybe you know what I’m getting at: Sometimes, I need some random awesome game to come along and remind me why I really, really love games.

Lately that’s been Dragon’s Dogma. Can’t remember the last time a game kept me up ‘til 5am. How bad is that cold grey light of early morning that whispers, “Loser!” on the wind?

Now, Dragon’s Dogma is an RPG. Shooters and RPGs are my neck-and-neck love interest as far as vidya is concerned. Now I don’t smoke weed like all you guys, but I do like to combine strange ingredients and see what I come up with at odd hours. I got to thinking, “I would like more guns in my RPGs, I would.” I’m actually not much for fantasy settings, really. I usually just put up with them because they seem to be the go-to, and that’s fine. But every time I’m having at a troublesome goblin with my enchanted potato hammer, my triggerlegs are itching.

So obviously, there is Borderlands. S’okay I guess. Then there is Fallout 1, 2, 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. First cabs (up on blocks) off the rank in my mind. I have loved these games very hard already, multiple times, from multiple angles. Same goes for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I have unhealthily loved that game, multiple times, suspended from the ceiling and in the throes of Japanese rope bonda… anyhooha, mayhap we need turn to the orient for guidance in this grave matter of guns and grinding. These examples aren’t straddling as much RPG as I want straddled. Then I chanced upon Resonance of Fate in a store the other day.

It is JRPG that’s all about the guns. It’s so into guns that if you attempted to remove guns from its hardcore JRPG equation (and it is hard, it’s a bastard, it’s loving me hard instead, from multiple angles and with whi- err), you wouldn’t have Resonance of Fate. You’d just have cool leather and J-pop homoeroticism. Likewise my beloved Valkyria Chronicles. How could I forget you, boobums? An SRPG, sure, but same thing to me.

Every time Largo misses with his rocket-stick during the infamous Chapter 7 battle is a dagger to my heart. We are definitely aiming, or trying to. Excellent. Then the flashbacks start and I remember Front Mission 3. My Wanzer was pink and always died. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines! Parasite Eve! The Wild Arms series, surely. Shadowrun if I’m feeling gamey in front of the emulator one day.

And the moral of this cool story (bro) is that if you pointedly do not get stoned and then set about playing mental Tetris with all your ill-fitting secular desires, you will tear open a rift to gaming heaven in your too-much-free-time continuum.

Editor’s Note: I promise this is the last time I’ll let Toby write about JRPGs on the site.

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How bad is that cold grey light of early morning that whispers, “Loser!” on the wind?

It’s my alarm clock that tells me to get my ass to sleep you have work in a few hours


Man I love reading Toby’s articles. Highlight of my day.

Toby McCasker


<3 I'm here all week! Try my veal!


<3 Resonance of Fate
<3 Valkyria Chronicles

I'm not that into JRPGs, but JRPGs with guns tend to be pretty well executed.


gotta get back into resonance of fate, and a few other rpgs that seem to fall to the wayside when i lose time to play them. plus equipping grenades and having them lob them at enemies using soccer like moves always makes me smile.


Guns and RPG’s damn I miss Arcanum, why doesn’t some mongrel kickstart that >_<


RoF is good fun, although the mechanic where you have to get in a sex-triangle gets really old.

It also has Nolan North. I am learning to hate that guy.


Dragon’s Dogma!

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