Remember Me trailer showcases enemies, dubstep soundtrack

Remember Me

By on April 5, 2013 at 11:14 am

Capcom’s upcoming memory-hunter/beat-em-up game Remember Me is looking pretty interesting, and if you’re interested in seeing the sorts of enemies you’ll be spending the game beating up then the below trailer may appeal to you.

Combat looks good so far, but the arena-feel of most of these battles seems to imply that there’s not going to be any way to bypass fights with stealth or clever thinking. We’ll hopefully be able to find out more about that for you soon.

You may recently recall that the developers of Remember Me had to struggle with publishers to allow them to include a female hero. Remember Me hits here in AU on June 7.

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Yes I think everyone should play this instead of Bioshock. :P

But seriously that was one of the most annoying trailers i’ve ever seen. Trailer by trailer Remember Me continues to look more and more like it’s not going to realize its potential and come off instead as gimmicky and average. Also dubstep is officially starting to annoy me now.


It’s looks incredibly generic..


Man. It’s been a long time since I watched a trailer and got bored about 20 seconds in…


Shame they felt the need to rape my ears with that garbage noise. Would prefer some story element trailers as opposed to this epilepsy inducing “Lulz let’s constantly speed up and slow down the speed ’300′ style with random quick cuts containing snippets of punching”

Agree with the arena style thing, looks like a God of War ~esque type of game, not that there’s anything wrong with that per-se, other than the fact that we’re left guessing with a lack of proper trailer thus far.


I hate to taint another comments section with this, but exe3 is on the money again. This did seem really interesting from the first couple of looks at it, now its just… terrible. I’m gonna wildly assume that making an interesting game involving memory manipulation was either too hard, or limited their sales too much, or they couldn’t be bothered paying a proper writer. So they turned it into….. WUBWUBWUB kick punch WUBWUB. Makes perfect sense.


I’ll go with option four, the team never had the ingenuity or scope to make the concept work in the first place, assuming it doesn’t work of course, for all we know they may just be bad at making trailers.

The worst part is that if Remember Me does end up being poop it’ll only fuel publisher belief that women can’t be main characters.


They lost me at dubstep…

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