Players to colonise their own systems in CCP’s vision for the future of EVE

EVE Online

By on April 30, 2013 at 4:28 pm

As the EVE Fanfest 2013 continues, senior producer Andie Nordgen took to the stage to discuss the future of the game and the upcoming Odyssey expansion. Among the other features Nordgen mentioned was the possibility of EVE players being able to build their own stargates and access unknown worlds.

“I want to ask you to dream with me here, beyond the details of how EVE Online currently works,” she said. “Think about space colonization—think about the space scale construction required to make it happen. Think about building things, think about destroying things. Think about the rise of the capsuleers taking over what the empires used to control.”

“Imagine what you want to build in EVE Online, from missiles to an empire,” continued Nordgen. “Imagine your corporation flying its own colors. Imagine the might of your alliance used to build up whole areas of space. Think about raiding and stealing from your enemies. Think about all the opportunities for crafty capsuleers to make money and fame in this new area of colonization.”

“Think about home, and then imagine what could lie beyond the known if only you could construct the right kind of stargate.”

Exciting stuff! We’ll learn more as CCP continues to draw back the curtains on what Odyssey will contain.

Source: PC Gamer

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I mostly know about Eve from what I’ve read on this site, but the idea of a space game with effectively unlimited scale is pretty awesome.

I can imagine a game with a galaxy so huge that groups of players can band together and head off into unknown space to quietly build their own colonies empires out there somewhere, hidden amongst the hundreds of thousands of stars. Eventually as these enterprises grow or become more interventionist, other players resident in the “core” systems would become aware of their existence and size.


I wonder if you point your stargate the wrong way you can jump and end up inside a planet, or the wrong dimension? anyone see Event Horizon?

This could be the best expansion since they introduced J-space


I wonder if you point your stargate the wrong way you can jump and end up inside a planet, or the wrong dimension? anyone see Event Horizon?

Love Event Horizon.

Maybe you *campers* can find the *other place* where you can *smell* the Orz.


caitsith01: Love Event Horizon.

Maybe you *campers* can find the *other place* where you can *smell* the Orz.

Best comment of the year. How i loved the Orz.

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