PC specs and screens for Resident Evil: Revelations revealed

Resident Evil: Revelations

By on April 4, 2013 at 7:12 pm

Capcom are set to follow up the PC release of Resident Evil 6 with Resident Evil: Revelations, originally announced for May 23.

The game, which started life on the 3DS, has been overhauled with crisp HD visuals and — well, you’d hardly believe it started life as a handheld title.

Check out the screens and PC specs below.


Required: XP or later
Recommended: Vista or later


Required: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or better | AMD Athlon™ X2 2.8 Ghz or better
Recommended: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better | AMD Phenom™ II X4 3 Ghz or better


Required: 2 GB RAM
Recommended: 4 GB RAM
Hard disk space: 8GB or more


Required: 800×600 or higher
Recommended: 1280×720 or higher

DVD drive

Required: DVD9-compatible

Video card (onboard graphics not guaranteed to work)

Required: VRAM(256MB or more | NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better | ATI Radeon™ HD3850 or better
Recommended: VRAM(512MB or more) | NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or better | ATI Radeon™ HD6950 or better

Sound card

DirectSound supported with DirectX9.0c or better

Input device

Required: Mouse & keyboard
Supported: Gamepad (Xbox 360® Controller for Windows® recommended)

Direct X

Required: DirectX® 9.0c or later

Network connection

Required: Steam used for network connections

More details at Capcom Unity!

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A Current Resident Evil game I’m actually somewhat interested in, supposedly being a throwback to the original ‘proper’ games. And Steamworks too it seems, will keep my eyes peeled for some cheap pre-order deals among the “usual suspects” of retailers.

Would be nice to see a comparison of screenies to the handheld version.


I don’t get what all the commotion is about with this. I haven’t seen anything that looks remotely like the original titles. 3rd person, crosshair, mini-map, numerous enemies on screen at once ect. don’t look anything like the original games.

What exactly did they do that’s meant to be so old school? Throw a few puzzles and back and forth running in it or something?

Not trying to dis it or anything. I’ll be getting it regardless. I’m just curious is all.


With graphics like that I’d definitely believe it began on a handheld.
The graphics are sub par. Pretty insulting really.

The game itself however is pretty decent. It’s like the old RE games in the way that it plays.

The way it handles/controls is like the older RE games. There’s keys and simple puzzles and all that nonsense.

It just ‘FEELS’ like an RE game used to feel, before it became all action and quick time events.



Still doesn’t make much sense to me really apart from the removal of QTE’s.

The perspective means it won’t exactly be aim up/straight/down and auto-aim combat, the camera angle makes a huge difference in the feel of movement control and field of view. There’s still a fair bit of action at some parts going by all the screens I’ve seen (like the 4th one linked here in the article).

If it’s just the puzzles and removal of annoying QTE’s as the main differences, then it sounds a lot more like RE4 just without QTEs. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s like the originals as some people are saying. Maybe ‘more’ like the originals than 5 and 6, but still pretty different.

Anyway, I hope it sells really well so that they remove all the QTE’s and God Of War style escape scenes out of RE7. They’re fine for the optional melee (which is really awesome in RE6) and the standard wiggle for getting out of zombie grabs, but apart from that they only hinder the gameplay. You can see they are just trying to make something more fun than simple cutscenes so that you won’t skip them, but are pretty much just ruining and interrupting/restarting the cutscenes upon failure instead. Then forcing you to sit through them. Sometimes multiple times before you get to see the entire thing.



Well it can run on 6-8 year old hardware so give it a break. the 3850 came out in 2007, and intel core 2 duo’s been around since 2006.



“Required: 800×600 or higher”



Excited for it, but I still need to force my way through RE6 first.



Playing Solo or Coop? I tried to play it solo, but didn’t enjoy it at all, coop is much more enjoyable experience.

As for revelations, it was made on the mobile version of the MT Framework engine and had pretty decent graphics on 3DS, so getting a decent looking PC version is not surprising at all.


Solo. There’s really not many people around when I get time to play games at the wee hours of the morning.

I’ll get through it eventually, but it’s not my first pick on the list of un-played stuff right now.


I think re 6 got a bit of a bum wrap. While the controls take a bit of getting used to and are nothing on say me3, IMO it’s one of the best 3rd person games I’ve ever played. The Leon bits are very resident evil like and I personally really enjoy the melee system. I’d encourage anyone who is even slightly interested to give it a go. I actually thought the Chris parts were the best contrary to popular opinion. I’ll definitely be getting this, Capcom ports other than the execrable raccoon city are always top notch



This game is right up there as one of my top co-op games, same for the friends I’ve played it with. Though at the same time there are others who think it is one of the worst games ever, but I don’t think they really bought the game for the right reasons to begin with, nor gave the extra game modes the time of day.

It’s also not that casual friendly of a game really though either. The QTEs/escape scenes need a very fast response time to pass on the first try without dying, even on the easiest of difficulties they demand a lot from the player. The melee system takes a bit of getting used to which is the main way to conserve your ammunition and is a necessity in mercenaries, some of the enemies need some pretty quick reflexes to predict, dodge or counter attacks the right way.

I remember poor Toby playing it on console for the GON review and rating it extremely poorly with the only reasons being that the game was action based, too hard, ammunition was extremely scarce (must not have understood the melee mechanics very well), and that it is chocked full of QTEs. I don’t think the first 3 were good enough reasons to slate it so much and the QTEs/escape scenes – while for a lot of parts are not very enjoyable – only form a very minimal portion of the game and are only found in the campaign (but they also play a major role in the cause of frustration).

I’m just glad that there are all the extra game modes that you can play, mercenaries (combo scoring), onslaught (a versus survival mode where higher combos send more/stronger infected at the opposite team), agent hunt (campaign but with other players as the infected and constant enemy spawns) and soon, survival (aka last man/team standing) and siege (defend the VIP NPC against the infected players) coming out. These are the things people really should be giving a good run before slating the game off entirely. Even if they don’t like the game itself the multiplayer modes may just appeal.

I really haven’t seen so many different and fun co-op/competitive games in one since L4D2.

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